Great Teachers Inspire Great Students

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Mehnaaz Khan
a year ago
Great Teachers Inspire Great Students


Teaching is the one profession that creates all the other professions. A child is hardly three to four years old when they are admitted to a school and are introduced to a stranger known as a teacher. A student spends more active hours of his/her day with the teachers at school than with family back at home. Their young minds agree with whatever the teacher teaches them. They emulate what they see and learn from their teachers. The influence a teacher holds on a student's life is beyond description. This is why the teacher-student dynamic holds such an important place in our society.

When parents look for the best institutions to get their child’s education from, they are passively looking for a school with great teachers! Any school can label itself as the best but it is majorly the faculty that reflects the standard of a school. One such school every parent must consider is GEMS Modern Academy, Gurugram, which has a great global outlook as well as network. The entire global team has over 20,000 faculty members. 

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Students are the future of a nation. A nation's fortune depends on its students and a student's fortune depends on the teachers. From kindergarten to specialization courses, what is a student without a teacher? We are all aware of the role a teacher plays in the academic and overall development of a student. A majority of millennials prefer and believe that the online mode of teaching has taken over the conventional mode of teaching and has replaced the teachers. But between knowledge and education, there is a discontinuity that is filled with the presence of a teacher. Technology may narrate but it will always be the teacher who will enlighten. 

Teaching is not merely a profession. If a teacher is not passionate and delighted about teaching and sharing his/her knowledge, learning will never be fun. And for teaching, it takes more than just the knowledge of the subject. There are several important roles and responsibilities of a teacher apart from teaching bookish knowledge. So let's see how teachers influence a students life:

  • Teachers must be impartial and just towards all students. The role of teachers in child development and the construction of a child is just beyond our imagination.
  • They must be patient enough to deal with different kinds of students and their varying memorizing and understanding levels.
  • They must be inclined towards the overall development of the child along with curriculum construction for students.
  • Students these days are already facing lots of career-related issues, adding to their mental health problems. A teacher must help overcome these issues.
  • There are many people ready to criticize a child. A teacher must not be one of them. A child's greatest motivation comes from a teacher.
  • A teacher knows his/her students inside out and this makes a teacher the best career counselor a student can ever have. The role and importance of a teacher in our lives is indefinable.

The role and importance of a teacher in the present-day situation is indefinable.

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The faculty at GEMS Modern Academy is well-trained, educated, and specialized in their specific field. They have a great specialty of parent-teacher engagement for a child's better performance and have access to an exclusive GEMS professional development program and at least 150 events and workshops every year making their way of teaching highly effective. There is an inspection team and an advisory team for guiding and ensuring the smooth upliftment of student's overall development in and outside the classroom. This school makes the parent a part of their child's education by setting up certain programs like reading time, cultural activities, bake sales, and charity fundraising. So if you are looking for a school to ensure a secure future for your child, GEMS Modern Academy should be your priority. 


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