Timetable for Success: Class 11 Commerce Stream

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Timetable for Success: Class 11 Commerce Stream


With the Board exams being cancelled, it is now time for students to make one of the most crucial decisions of their life. 


As students progress to Grade XI, many changes take place around them. Having to choose from three streams creates a drift between friends and a leap from the things and concepts taught at school. Friends no longer learn similar things, as they used to at school, they can each opt for a stream advance specifically in one direction. But the decision to lean towards that direction or to choose a stream isn’t a cakewalk.


This article is an attempt to make the students familiar with the Commerce stream, an equally eminent stream as the other two, Science and Arts. Here, we will explore the basics of the Commerce stream. We will gain answers to important questions like what are the subjects in the Commerce stream, how to prepare for them and many more. We will also be breaking down the syllabus of class 11th Commerce stream and help students with some study plans, including a tentative daily routine. 


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Commerce as a Stream


Just like the Science and Arts streams, the Commerce stream also has some prejudices associated with it. But no, the Commerce stream is not cut out for just business-minded people. Neither is the Commerce stream simply meant for people that aren’t intelligent enough to opt for Science. 


In reality, Commerce is a diverse stream that is better suited for students that are good at pragmatically analyzing and dealing with numbers, statistics, and other similar figures. However, it is an equally important stream as Arts and Science and takes a good deal of hard work and dedication on a student’s part for them to be able to pass their 12th Boards with flying colors.


Although many people believe that the objective of taking up Commerce is just to indulge in finance-related jobs or businesses, the scope of the Commerce stream is much wider than that. Many career opportunities like Chartered Accountancy, Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Teaching, Data Analyst, Advocate, Auditor, etc. are open for students of the Commerce stream, given that they chose the right subject combination for their 11th and 12th.


What are the subjects in the Commerce Stream?

The different subjects in the Commerce Stream


Commerce, as a stream, mostly deals with finance and marketing aspects, for instance, analyzing the exchange of goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer. The subjects here are thus incorporated to make this primary objective familiar to the students.


So, are you wondering what are the subjects in Commerce class 11 and 12? Here’s your answer -

  • Accountancy
  • Money & Banking
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English
  • Mathematics


Among this plethora of subjects, English is mandatory in CBSE and the other Boards of study in India. Students can opt for three other subjects that they think will help them pursue their chosen career. Students can choose an optional subject to increase their overall performance in exams when they feel that they might be coming short in one of the other subjects. 


Examples of some optional subjects in the Commerce stream are -

  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Home Science
  • Informatics Practices
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology
  • Statistics


How many hours should go into your studies every day?


syllabus of class 11th commerce stream


Although many rumors are going around that Commerce is a comparatively easier stream than science, it is not actually the case. Ask any present or ex-Commerce student and they will tell you that subjects like Accountancy and Business studies are as hard as Physics and Chemistry. In reality, each student has a hard time learning different subjects; no subject is a slice of cake.


Studying every day is a must for every student, be it in grade V or grade XI and XII. Studying every day or even revising what was taught in school helps the brain to sustain information. When you revise the concepts taught in school on the very same day, you are more likely to discover concepts that aren’t clear to you and tackle them quickly. It also saves you time from having to bug your teacher to clarify doubts right before exams.


You must divide your time between the subjects. Allot more time to the subject you find hard and comparatively less time to the subject you quickly get done with. Make sure to include breaks between subjects to help clear your mind.


Here is an example of a tentative timetable keeping in mind Commerce class 11 study plans, assuming that the school hours are between 9:00 AM-3 PM.


Time Activity
6:00 AM Wake Up
6:15 AM- 6:30 AM Freshen Up, Meditate
6:30 AM- 8:00 AM Revise for School
8:00 AM- 9:00 AM Get Ready for School
9:00 AM- 3:00 PM School Hours
3 PM- 4:30 PM Lunch and Rest
4:30 PM- 5:00 PM Have a Walk to Freshen Up
5:00 PM- 6:00 PM First Subject
6:00 PM- 7:00 PM Second Subject
7:30 PM- 8:30 PM Third Subject
8:30 PM- 9:30 PM Fourth Subject
9:30 PM- 10:30 PM Dinner
10:30 PM- 11:30 PM Fifth Subject


Maintaining Balance as a Student


The student goes through a major transformation as they set foot in the 11th standard. Studies do not remain the same, the pressure increases. But studies are also not the only thing that a student needs to take care of now. Tuitions, coaching, extra-curriculars, skill development, etc. are also of major importance at this point in life.


With so much at hand, it gets difficult for students to maintain a balance. Here are some tips to help students achieve that balance.


Keep Calm


Keep Calm


Having so many things on your plate, and so little time to do it can get on our nerves sometimes. But the trick here is to keep calm and not let stress take over. When you feel like things are getting hard, take out some time to wind down. You can also set out an activity you love to help you calm down every time things seem to be getting out of hand.


Plan your Day

Jot down a to-do list for the day.

Jot down a to-do list for the day. You can do it at the end of the previous day or right after you wake up. List down the tasks for the day, including the timings. Plan your studies around the time that you are free from your other tasks of the day. However, do not go on studying endlessly, take breaks. Breaks too are an important part of routines.


Plan Your Week

List down all your engagements for the week.


Planning a week’s goals is as important as planning daily routines. List down all your engagements for the week. Set goals for your self-study sessions. Jot down submission dates for projects and assignments; it will save you from any last-minute trouble. You can also encourage yourself by putting out small rewards on hitting weekly goals.


A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to hit all your goals. Ensure that you get an adequate amount of sleep every day, never less than 7 hours a night. Take breaks. Do not give in to peer pressure. You do you; learn at your own pace, and with your own style. After all, a sound body and mind can do wonders.


GEMS Modern Academy is one school that provides an abundance of choice for students of all the three streams. The school has a wide selection of subjects to offer to the students proceeding towards the 11th standard, be it for the Arts, Science or Commerce stream.


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For students proceeding to Grade XI, GEMS Modern Academy offers a plethora of subjects. Along with the basic, or common, subjects like Biology, Accountancy, History, etc., this branch of GEMS also consists of unique subject choices like Fashion Studies and Textile Design, that will interest students wanting to take up a different career path. Both the subjects are quite unconventional and thus, might interest students that don’t want to stick to the conventional subjects.


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Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D


Subject 1


English Core

English Core

English Core

English Core


Subject 2





Political Science


Subject 3



Business Studies


Hindi Core


Subject 4





Hindi Core


Subject 5


Computer Science/ Psychology/ Physical Education



Economics/ Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics/ Informatics Practices/ Painting/ Fashion Studies/ Textile Design

*MS- Mandatory Subjects                  *OS- Optional Subject




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