The Difference it can Make when you have the Right Routine for Online Classes

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Having the right routine for online classes


Thanks to the pandemic, online learning is now the new normal. However, this state of normalcy wasn’t easy to attain.


The education sector was dealing with the potential threat of a learning gap and online learning was the only way out of that threat. It was hard for a lot of the educators to get familiar with technology and all the technical terms, yet they learnt it all just for the sake of the students’ future.

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When it comes to discussing the efficacy of online learning, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Evident among them is the online routine for classes, which has to be planned with elaborate analysis. This article deals with the importance of the right routine for online classes.



What do we mean by ‘the right routine’?

Right routine

Well, the right routine includes a distinct division among various classes and activities that are required for the different developmental requirements of the child.

But it doesn’t stop there. The right routine is also designed with the inclusion of enough breaks in between classes, and that helps the children in more ways than one.


Importance of Routines

Importance of routines

Routines are a part of everyday life. All of us follow routines as we go on with our days, sometimes even unknowingly. Having a routine makes it easier for us to be productive, to get things done.

In a learning environment, routines provide students with a sense of predictability. This sense of predictability helps them prepare well for their classes, both physically and mentally.

The online learning routine needs to focus on different areas of development in children. While designing a routine, educators should take care that they include several areas of study and do not make the routine seem repetitive.


Importance of Breaks in the Routine

Importance of breaks in a routine

Taking a break is an essential thing to do, be it in times of extreme distress or just daily life. Breaks help us to unwind, to calm down, and de-clutter our mind of stress.

Breaks occupy an important part of routines due to the following reasons.


●  Increased Attention 

Time and again, it has been proven that taking a break helps us to unwind and focus better. It is the same with students. Taking a break helps them free their minds from the last class and start afresh, with more attention.


●  More Productivity

As students get through one class, their energy levels seem to dip at the end. They do not feel energized enough to sit for another class. A break gives them the time to unwind and increases their energy levels and thus leaves them feeling more productive.


●  Reduces Stress 

Breaks are a stress-buster, helping us through tough times. Students, too, have a lot to deal with, especially in this pandemic. Their mental health might not always be at its peak. In such circumstances, taking a break helps calm their minds down.

Thus, it becomes important for schools and educators to incorporate enough breaks in between classes. The prime example of this is Silver Line Prestige School in Ghaziabad.

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How schools are overcoming the pandemic

Silverline Prestige School

The proactive educators at Silverline Prestige School, however, did not go overboard with the whole concept of online learning. It was with precise planning and following the needs of the students that the school devised a routine that helped to balance screen time usage in the kids.


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The curriculum for online learning was developed with extensive research, and also a little help from several consultations with child psychologists, ophthalmologists & pediatricians. This helped the folks at SLPS to come to terms with the dos and don’ts of engaging children in online learning. Successfully enough, they developed a routine that was inclusive of different developmental activities for children of different ages.


The routine also incorporated enough breaks in between classes to ensure that the kids do not dissociate themselves due to continuous classes. Moreover, the inclusion of enough breaks also ensured that the children were getting enough time to calm themselves down in between classes and restart with a fresh mind.


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