Why you should Establish a Routine for your Child with Priyanka Jain

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Establishing a Routine for your Child


Routines are very vital for people of all age groups, especially children. They promote their overall development and help in the smooth execution of daily activities. Routines help children in time management, being focused, self-disciplined, productive, and grateful.


To discuss more on 'Importance of establishing routines for children', we have with us Mrs. Priyanka Jain @momlife_love_repeat who is a mother, designer, and content creator.


How does establishing a routine help in dealing with procrastination in children?

Children learn what they see their parents do. Parents set examples for their kids. So, adults must set a consistent routine for the children. Consistency is the key. 


What role do routines play in achieving goals and objectives?

Always having a planned routine helps in keeping children calmer. When they have a routine, they already know what they have to do next which keeps them calm. They also become more productive when they know that they have to do a specific thing step by step. So when they understand their duties and work according to a routine, they achieve their goals properly.

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People usually don't prepare routines and schedules because of the fear of not being able to follow them. How to deal with this?

Routines are not something that needs to be harsh on you. You have to keep the consistency going. For example, I don't like exercising so I try to do it at least twice or thrice a week if not every day. You have to be consistent.


Students are often stressed and anxious during examination time. Can you suggest a routine to reduce exam time tension?

Parents should not mentally stress the children into getting good grades and marks. They should be given a consistent routine that not only asks them to study but also fairly allows them to sleep, play, and do other stuff. This will encourage children to study happily and not unwillingly.


How can we prepare a routine in which equal importance is given to studies as well as extracurricular activities?

Every child has a different routine. Parents should plan a routine according to the nature and needs of the child. They should focus on fields that need more attention. Parents must not force children into any activity but rather cooperate with them. This will keep both parents and children happy.


Does forcing any routine on the child make them resent you?

I feel that children would love it. But parents should plan a routine, make the child follow it and then finalize it based on the child's nature, ambition, and what parents feel is right for the child. Then the child will happily follow the routine.


Should we frequently change the routine or keep following the same one?

You should change the routine as per your wish and your whole day's plan. It should also be changed with the age and needs of the children.


How often should children be awarded a break from their routine?

Awarding a break from the routine is more like bribing the children to do something unwillingly. Parents should talk with them and make them understand the outcome of their activities. When children will understand the results and reasons of their routine, they will happily follow it. Everything should be in a routine. If you don't follow a particular path, how will you move forward?


Do you have any final thoughts you want to convey to the parents regarding this topic?

Speaking from my personal experience, when I have my routine scheduled, I and my kids are all happy and playful and I get my work done easily but with the absence of a routine I get irritated and end up scolding my children. So, having a routine makes everything in the house calmer and sorted.


Secondly, it also makes children confident because they know what they have to do next. Even in the absence of parents or a guardian, they know their responsibilities. They won't get scared or anxious and will fearlessly do their work.


Thirdly, routines are very important for parents, especially mothers, because looking after children is not an easy task. Starting with small routines and schedules makes it easy for mothers because routines make children confident and react easily to things otherwise they get scared because they are too young to express their emotions. 

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