Dealing with the Threat of a Learning Gap

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Dealing with the Threat of a Learning Gap


Life was a lot different for us back in 2019. Adults used to work from offices, kids used to go to schools and it was normal for people to hug and shake hands. Now however, all those activities have ceased to exist. Schools and offices are held online and social distancing is a must, everywhere we go.


When the pandemic first hit us in 2020, there was an immediate threat of a learning gap. As schools and colleges were shut down, exams too had to be postponed or canceled. Online classes were surely the only way out, but we had limited resources and even more limited knowledge of the same. Children sure were tech-savvy, but it was a little difficult for many teachers to get to know the technological world.

Online Learning

But teachers are like candles, they burn to give us light. And so, even with so many added responsibilities of managing both home and work, teachers set on to train themselves to be able to educate their students in these trying times.

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And mind you, it wasn’t easy. It took them months to master the tools of online learning, but they didn’t give up as the children’s future was at stake. After all, they couldn’t let the students fall prey to the threat of the learning gap that the pandemic brought along.


As online learning gradually commenced the learning that was put on hold, it became possible to keep the children on track with their studies. Online learning surely came as a savior to the students in times of desperate need. Teachers, along with online tools, helped in so many ways by:


Adhering to Safety Norms

Safety norms classrooms

The pandemic was spreading fast. It was essential that we maintained social distancing as the vaccines weren’t available yet and safety norms were the only way to protect ourselves. Online learning made it possible for students to learn while adhering to these safety norms, as they could learn from the safety of their homes.


Bridging the Learning Gap

Bridging the learning gap

Having the students suffer from a prominent learning gap was a major worry when the schools were first shut down. It was evident that the pandemic wasn’t going away anytime soon and it became important to introduce an alternate way of learning. With online learning, classes finally resumed. This was soon followed by online exams as well.


Using Gamification in Learning

Gamification in Learning

When online classes were first introduced, learning seemed to become sort of a monotonous routine. The interaction in these classes was almost zero and the kids were slowly losing interest in learning. This made the educators realize the need of making learning fun. And thus, Gamification was introduced to make the kids look forward to their online classes.

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Providing Efficiency of Time and Energy

Efficiency of time and energy

Online classes were a boon as they helped save a lot of time for both the students and teachers. They no longer had to worry about travelling miles to reach the school; everything could now be done from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, children also had more time on their hands now to explore or polish their talents and skills.


Silverline Prestige School

Silverline Prestige School is one such institution that has been effectively catering to the needs of its students even amidst the pandemic. In their positive approach of providing Education Beyond Tomorrow, Silver Line prestige School has successfully implemented several updated technological and pedagogical tools such as Google’s Jamboard through which they facilitate online learning.


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Established back in the year 1987, Silver Line Prestige School is one of the top schools in Ghaziabad. Under the wing of its founder, Dr Mala Kapoor, the dedicated educators at SLPS do not waste a moment when it comes to reaching out to their children in times of need.  Hence, they are always looking for innovative ways of teaching. That explains why SLPS could smoothly transition into the online learning scenario right from the first day of the session.


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