Mother's Day Celebration at Home & Work - Tips & Ideas

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Mother's Day Celebration at Home & Work - Tips & Ideas


Children are always present in the back of their mom's mind, even when she's not thinking of them. This unconditional love, inseparable bond, and immense determination of every mother makes them deserve each day as if it were Mother's Day. But to give motherhood a formal honor, more than 40 countries observe Mother's day in May. This year it is to be observed on the 9th of May.

Everyone has a mother but we can never imagine the hardships a mother faces each day without complaining. From the day a child is born, a mother takes care of literally everything. This may not sound commendable because that's what parents do but a mother does all these along with every other duty she has. We live in a society where a father looking after a child completely receives applause from everyone but a mother who has been doing the same all her life goes unnoticed. This is because we think that mothers are obliged to do these. Their unconditional dedication to the upbringing of their child is what makes them the epitome of love and sacrifice.

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There is no specific day to recognize the value and role of all the mothers but since there is a specific day allotted to these generous beings, we must try to make it special for them. Mothers are the pillar of strength in a family. No one else owes them more than their family. To make this day more special, kids and fathers can try these awesome mother's day ideas :

  • Present her handmade greeting cards or a scrapbook with their pictures. Who doesn't love handmade gifts? Nothing would make a mother happier than a simple card or scrapbook made by her kids simply out of love.
  • Make pretty simple decorations. All the fancy decorations and parties may look attractive but a simple one done by her family will always reflect their hard work and will make her feel special on that day.
  • Bake something for her. Usually, there are gifted beautiful cakes to celebrate this day but even an unembellished one baked for her at home will be worth much more than any other cake.
  • Take in charge of all her household chores for at least a day. This must be the most relaxing gift a mother can receive on this day. Not only is this going to make her unwind for a day but also makes the family experience her daily life.
  • Go for surprise family outings. This is another relaxing gift for mothers especially for the ones who don't get time for themselves because of the house and office chores. This is a nice idea for making this special Sunday more special.

This is the least we can do to appreciate her motherhood by telling her how much she is valued and loved. 

Undoubtedly all mothers are amazing but the ones who take care of everything while working officially must be appreciated in their workplaces. The management and authorities there can:

  • Verbally mention and recognize their hard work. Everyone likes to be appreciated. The hard work of a working mother usually goes unnoticed so publicly appreciating them will always make them feel valued and motivated.
  • Give them a day off as a relaxing gift for moms who work. This combined with the family taking up the household chores would be the best possible way to let a mother relax on her special day.
  • Present them any materialistic gift as a token of appreciation. Though no gift stands at par with verbal appreciation but gifting them something as a memento will always remind them that their hard work and dedication was appreciated.
  • Ask them to share their experience of being a working mother with others which is indeed a unique mother's day idea. It is not easy for a person to manage two fields with utmost perfection. Sometimes they too need to vent out and open up. Asking them to speak up about their feelings must be considered.

Amidst the crisis, we are living in, it would be sinful to not mention the mothers who are currently working as frontline warriors. Frontliners have their lives at risk. Apart from whatever profession they are in, they are also parents who have children back at home. For days they are not able to see and meet them only so that the rest of us can meet our loved ones back at home. Be it the sanitary worker cleaning the public places, healthcare worker treating the patients, police officials ensuring safety on roads, or bank staffs contributing to the smooth financial transactions, they all fulfill their official responsibilities, stake their lives, and still manage to look after their kids and families. They are truly heroes.

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I'd be lying if I say that motherhood isn't the hardest phase of a woman's life, like, there's a whole new life forming within you, to be taken care of and brought up by you. What could be more appreciable? All the mothers from around the world make me wonder how can someone be so selfless? Be it good or bad, there's always that one person who embraces it all with her presence, our forever cheerleader, and an irreplaceable motivation, our mothers.


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