Things To Do On Mother's Day

Krithika Nityanand
22 days ago
#mother's day



A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

Surely it is not a menial job to take care of the whole family and their needs at the same time. Kudos to you and your superpowers! Mother’s Day, a day completely dedicated to you and only you. It is time to take a break from that hectic schedule of yours and do some fun stuff.

Here are some things you can enjoy on your special day.


  1. Get some sleep

The biggest and the one thing you must be craving for all this while is that sound sleep. Relax, step back and enjoy some sleep. Allow your muscles and your body to relax and refresh your mind. 


  1. Detox 

Pamper yourself on this day, groom yourself, drink some lemon honey water or cucumber juice which will help you fight that heat wave outside, leaving you relaxed and cool all day.


  1. Bake and decorate

It is said that STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERT. It is time to indulge in some fun baking along with your child! Bake a cake for Mother’s Day and have a productive and fun time with your child!


  1. The Nostalgic Road

Take a trip down the memory lane and cherish all the sweet memories with the photographs. It is high time you opened that photo album of yours and shared a hearty laugh reminiscing the embarrassing and cute moments with your child


  1. Karaoke

The most fun activity to do with your family is sing along with them! After all we all are certified bathroom singers. Host a singing night with your family and sing old, new, rock, pop all sorts of hymns. Bring out the secret superstar in you! 


  1. Read a good book or watch some movies

Mothers often feel guilty when they do something for themselves or perhaps ‘chill’. Well, on this day enjoy a good read or your favorite movie. Watch the movie with your family or read out loud with your child. Enjoy to the fullest.


  1. Shopping

It is high time you got something for yourself. Surf the Internet and look out for the things you always wanted to buy. Gift yourself something on this Mother’s Day.


Wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to all the hardworking moms who are working extra shifts on this quarantine period. Mothers are the greatest gift on this planet and being a mother is the greatest blessing of all time. Make most of this day and have an amazing time with your loved ones. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 


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