Fitness Tips for all the Mothers out there

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 years ago
Fitness Tips for all the Mothers out there


Someone rightly said, “God created moms because he could not be by our sides the whole time.” Being a mom can be a tough job. Most of the time, being a mom does not just confine to just looking after the child, but the whole family. Moms are thus taken to be the most protective and caring member of the family, taking care of everyone sometimes even by ignoring herself.

Why is it essential for moms to stay fit?
Moms are like a powerhouse that power through delivering the different needs of the family. In all this hullabaloo of taking care of everyone, fulfilling all their wants, moms often end up ignoring themselves.
Honestly speaking, all our bodies are more or less the same. We are all structured the same and need to stay fit to take care of our body and thus, of ourselves. After an entire day’s run, it is essential for the body as well to get what it needs, be it some rest or some unwinding exercises. We all know the importance of fitness, we even encourage our kids to take care of their health, to try and remain fit. So, why should moms not follow the same? Even mothers’ bodies require the daily fitness tips to be followed for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We have further broken down the advantages of being a fit mom.
●    Reduces Stress: It is a known fact that stress is a big part of motherhood. Doing everyday tasks, many worries find a way home in a mother’s mind and heart. Fitness will help you overcome that stress and live a stress-free life.
●    Helps sleep Better: It has been proven that exercises help people sleep better. It has also been proved that 150 minutes of exercise a week can improve a woman’s sleep by 65%. Also, a good night’s sleep is essential for a refreshed mind, soul and body.
●    Be Role Models: Moms often pursue their kids to eat healthy and try staying fit. But remember that kids often imitate whatever their parents seem to be doing. So, if you want your child to be practicing fitness, you need to start on that first.
●   Boosts Energy: Moms require a lot of energy to be able to get done with chores. The mornings start energetically, but the energy gradually drains out. Try out a few mom exercises and you will see a wondrous change in energy levels.
●   Builds Confidence and Strength: Being a mom, you have to face new challenges every day. A little confidence can help you in dealing with those challenges. Also, it will be quite a good surprise for your child to find out that mommy is as strong as daddy.

Fitness Tips for Soon-to-be Moms
Pregnant moms need to be careful at all times to not cause any harm to themselves or the unborn baby. However, this does not mean that she retires to her bed completely, because excess rest can only cause complications in the pregnancy. So, here are some fitness tips for women that are currently looking to stay fit during their pregnancy.

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●    Minimal Exercise: Follow some fitness tips for beginners and do minimal exercises rather than remaining completely bedridden. Walking is one of the fitness tips that can help you stay fit during your pregnancy.
●    Water Workouts: Water workouts are a great choice of a pregnancy fitness regime as water helps support your baby’s growing weight, also increasing your heart rate. Swimming is also a great option if you have been facing any lower back issues.
●    Yoga Classes: If you are already practicing yoga, avoid poses that could harm your pregnancy. Look up prenatal yoga poses to do instead. You can also incorporate breathing exercises into your yoga routine.
●    Low-Impact Aerobics: Opt for low-impact aerobics that requires you to always have a foot on the ground or the equipment. Examples are walking and riding a stationary bike. These activities keep you fit without putting much strain on your body.

Fitness Tips for New Moms
Being a new mom, there are a lot of changes happening in our bodies and around us. Having to constantly be at the aid of our toddler, it gets tough for new moms to opt for a fit lifestyle. But it’s not completely impossible. Here’s how new moms can incorporate daily fitness tips into their everyday routine.

●    Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated is a must for everyone. However, it is much more important for new moms as it helps them with milk production. Drinking lots of water also keeps you full and thus, helps to avoid unhealthy indulgences.
●    Complex Nutrients: New moms have to be at the constant call of their toddlers. Complex nutrients give the energy and nutrients to get through it. Also, complex nutrients keep you full, again helping to avoid unhealthy cravings.
●    Home Work out: Workouts for a new mom are tough. So start with the basics. Instead of opting for heavy workouts, start with climbing stairs. You can also strap on your baby during these sessions as the extra weight will help burn more calories.
●    Me Time: We understand that you need to be with your baby at all times. But please take out a little time for yourself. Spend that time unwinding, doing something you love. This will help you to refresh yourself and do away with stress.

Fitness Tips for Working Moms
Working moms too have to deal with a lot as the responsibilities on them are double. It is difficult for working moms to squeeze in a fitness routine as they already have a lot on their plate. However, it is still important to devote some time to fitness. So, here are some fitness tips to help you cope up with a busy mom workout schedule.

●    Regular Exercises: Incorporate such exercises in your routine that can easily be done every day. For instance, you can include walking or climbing stairs as part of your fitness schedule. Set a goal for your daily walking or climbing exercise.
●    Exercise with your Child: If you are worried that squeezing in a fitness regime will decrease the time spent with your kid, schedule exercise schedules with your child. This will help you bond while also helping both of you to stay fit.
●    Eat Healthy:  Eating healthy is important to be able to power through the entire day. Include complex carbohydrates and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Also, remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
●    Daily Family Time: Coordinate with all of your family members to draw out some time for the whole family to sit together. Use this time to play fun games with your family, to have conversations and to bond. This also helps reduce stress.

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See! Fitness is not that hard if you are determined enough.
So, this mother’s day, let’s just hope that mothers also spend some time taking care of themselves.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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