Helping Kids Find their Hidden Talent and Passion

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Itika Gupta
2 months ago
How to nurture your child's talent


In the era of advancement and industrialization, the population is on an exponential rise leading to competition all around. Parents are so concerned about the future of their kids. In order to fit into society and be successful, each parent wants their child to be physically and mentally prepared, and to be perfect in all domains that can help them in their future endeavours. Each human being is bestowed with at least one talent and skill in which that person is good at. Research highlights that nearly 5% of kids have special talents from their very childhood. Some recognize those talents at a very tender age while others struggle to figure out that particular thing they are superior at which gives them infinite satisfaction and adventure.

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Why focus on finding talent or passion?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be paid to do something that you are exceptionally good at? To work or run a business, chasing your passion each day? At least 80% of us are in a business or a job that neither gives satisfaction nor enjoyment. Why be at such a place then? Aforesaid things happen when we don’t discover “that particular talent” which can turn into a blessing for us. Thus, the people who are not aware of their talents and god-given skills, need guidance to discover those for the enrichment of their soul and benefit of society. Early discovery can lead to early success with quick results. It not only leads to contentment but also provides motivation to work for society. There are not just one or two fields, but many, be it literature or arithmancy, music, photography, athletics or hands-on ability, and social or emotional development. All we need to do is let our kids choose the perfect one for them

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Most common mistakes made by the parents

No hurrying, no compulsion:

Most parents sign up their kids for a variety of activities at the same time, from swimming to dancing or from guitar to cricket. Too many activities on their plate, not only makes their day busy but also pressurizes them with competitions, deadlines, and more! This can eventually affect their grades in school. Taking up 1 or 2 skills at a time can lead to better results, with a more relaxed schedule and extra focus on skills.


There are many parents who focus more on other’s kids rather than their own. Repetitive complains to their kids like “look at Sharmaji’s son; he is so intelligent” or “see Verma uncle’s daughter; she is so good at games and academics at the same time”, makes the child rebellious and fills them with negativity and demotivation. No child is alike. Each one has different skills to flaunt about. Comparing cannot help them in any way.

Scolding is not a solution:

Is it necessary to scold kids when they commit blunders? Will it really help them? Absolutely not! Scolding will never let kids flourish. This not only deteriorates the parent-kid relation but also instils a sense of fear in them before performing. Teach them the lesson of failure. Show them the real-life examples of people who failed many times but eventually succeeded in their life. Do not criticize or judge them.

Developing personal talent in your child

Discourage gender bias:

I have often seen parents gender stereotyping their kids based on toys, clothes, gifts, colours, etc. Gone were the days when people used to discriminate between the girl and boy child. Parents shouldn't stop a child from doing an activity just because it is unconventional, such as boys being fashion-obsessed or wanting to learn a dance form which has historically been performed predominantly by women; girls wanting to play physical sports or getting their hands dirty. Times have changed, stop stereotyping kids, and start neutralizing your ideas and beliefs.

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But the question is how to identify your child's potential?

Exposure: Telling and showing kids about various fun activities may help activate their latent talent. It's okay if your child doesn’t show interest in a particular activity. Give them time to decide. Let them discover their own talents. Take them to small trips, maybe to an NGO; cricket match; show them a film; let them enjoy in the zoo; and more. This will help them gain exposure to the prevailing activities and help them choose one for them. Visit new places and spots.

Never give up attitude in child

Spend time with them: Kids always need someone to interact and play with. Spare some time from your schedule for them. This boosts their confidence. Asking them intriguing questions such as "why the sky is blue?" or "why do apples fall on the ground?" opens them up and develops a curiosity in them. Plays or mimicry are the best way to learn skills and add value to kids. Sit with your children and learn to mimic sports, games, and activities through TV or phones. Let's say, if your kid is interested in badminton, watching an expert or mentor can help them learn that skill.

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Identify talent in a child

Room for imagination: Giving wings to a child's creativity or imagination can set them towards success. Encourage them to come up with new ideas. Give them their own space. Most of the Indian parents keep an eye on their kids 24×7. This provides a hindrance to their growth. Give them a separate room and knock on the door before entering. This enriches them with moral ethics.

Nurture your child's talent

Praise them: Praise your kids for every good act they do but that does not mean that they should be appreciated all the time. Being over-caring and overprotective makes kids dependent on others. They will want others’ approval before doing anything. This is a bad sign. Let them take initiative and at the same time suffer the consequences of their deeds.

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Certain things to keep in mind

Though most of the kids can discover their passion on their own, certain others need counseling. Students are closer to their teachers. Therefore, teachers can play a prime role in this. They observe them and can easily know about their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can sense a latent talent in a student much better than relatives or friends and can help them explore their gifted skills.

Parents no doubt can as well make a record of the activities their kids do at home and talk to their teachers regarding this. Always remember that children are interested in many activities. One day they can be happy playing with colours, the other day colours might scare them. Therefore, thorough research must be done before jumping to a conclusion. One most important thing each parent must keep in mind is that talent is built, not born-with. There are certain kids who are more inclined towards the same skill since birth but most of the others build a skillset in their growing days. It’s not necessary that natural abilities such as being good at maths or arts or music since birth will for sure remain the same till adolescence.

Therefore, in order to discover your child’s talent, be mindful of the fact that if certain skills are forced on them, this may backfire and even discourage little ones to find their true passion.


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