Is your child into acting? Learn why exposure to theatres is important for your child

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Ashka Popat
2 years ago
Is your child into acting?

Children are the best natural actors. If you carefully observe your child playing in the backyard with their friends, or just by themselves in their rooms, you might catch them in an act of pretending to be anyone but a child! If you think of it, isn’t this what taking part in a play is all about? 

Drama as an art is very entertaining to watch as an audience. But being the performer in a play gives a unique and immersive learning experience. Today, a lot of parents are understanding the importance of theatre for their kids. As a parent, you should know why is it important to not only take your child to a theatre but also encourage them to participate in their school dramas. 


Here are some ways theatre helps in child development:


The most common fear children have is public speaking, or performing in front of a large audience in general. Acting has proven to help young minds build their confidence to express themselves on a stage. By encouraging your child to participate in their school theatre club and perform on the stage, you are helping your child build and boost their confidence.


Building confidence


In fact, it is said that theatre is the most effective in pulling kids out of their comfort zones and teach them how to express their emotions, speak clearly, and to have an impact on the audience – all of which are essential skills that are later useful in life as well.

Expanded Perception

Actors are required to play different characters when they are participating in dramas. When your child takes up theatre as a co-curricular activity, he/she would be required to take on a persona that thinks, speaks, and behaves in a way that is unfamiliar to them. This should be useful for your child whose life is limited to home, school, and the playground.


Expanded Perception


In this way, your child will learn to see the world from an entirely different perspective, basically using the stage and script to dramatically expand their view of the world.

Creative Problem Solving

As theatre is a part of performing arts, it is considered to be one of the most creative fields that there is. Being a part of a play will empower your child to use their imagination to overcome challenges and produce the desired product. These problem-solving skills will help them later in their teen and adult years in dealing with situations related to relationships, work, home, etc.

Development of the right brain 

Biologically, the left side of the human brain deals with STEM skills such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Although these skills are crucial in the real world, the development of the right side of the brain is equally important to have a happy and successful mind. It is crucial that both, the right and left hemispheres should be equally engaged. 


Development of the right brain 


Theatre, like the other arts-based activity, is an exceptional way to develop your child’s right brain. 


Most parents might not want to believe this, but children can also face the usual anxieties of life. Playing a role in a drama is your child’s way of symbolically expressing and resolving internal conflict. Thus, encouraging your child to be in theatre can be therapeutic for them.

Team Work

Like any other group activity, the drama also requires the members to coordinate with each other and develop social skills in the process. Your child will learn to be responsible for their part and how it affects others. 


Team Work



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In conclusion, theatre is an important arts-based skill that is significant for a child’s development. As a parent, we would highly recommend you to encourage them to pursue this skill. 

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