Why art and craft are important for your child?

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Karishma Saikia
2 years ago
Importance of art and craft

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

Art is a manifestation of one’s creativity and genuineness. It has existed since time immemorial and man since prehistoric times has resorted to it to express themselves and communicate with others. 

Art commutes the cultural idiom that civilization represents and relays its uniqueness. It brings people together, generates tolerance, and fosters respect among people belonging to diverse groups. 

Children are inborn artists. They love to engage in creating and doing things on their own and art provides them the opportunity to do exactly what they desire.  Allowing children to dabble themselves in artistic voyeur is akin to setting them free, this autonomy in turn aids significantly in mental, emotional, and social development. 

Art and Creativity

Art fosters and hones creativity. Creativity paves way for a new order of thinking and beckons progress which invites prosperity. Creative arts as music, dance, painting, poetry, drama, etc. are necessary to give meaning to abstract notions and filial emotions. They are vanguards of culture, custom, and tradition.  

Creative arts broaden the horizon of the mind. It helps in nurturing an optimistic mindset and grooming a cheerful and emphatic personality. It also refines children analyzing and problem-solving capability. 

It spurs creativity, boosts their confidence and esteem, and makes them conscious of their uniqueness. These, in turn, contribute significantly to their overall growth and help them become self-reliant and adept in the future.


Art and Creativity


Art plays a vital role in childhood development. It provides them a premise to explore their imagination and navigate the wonders of their surrounding by replicating them in the format of painting or models. Children also express their emotions through painting. Many psychologists have affirmed it be a fact indeed. Through art, parents might be able to unearth feelings that the child may otherwise verbally not be able to express.

It stimulates innovation in young minds, this, in turn, leads to encouraging them to dabble in experiments and invention, thus helps in developing scientific temper and spirit of inquiry.

Benefits of creative arts in relation to children development 

By indulging in art, your child is able to acquire insurmountable life skills which may not be apparent to you. They are highlighted as follows 

1. When children engage in craftwork, they are challenging themselves to make their end through allotted materials and spares. This in turn imbibes in them an appreciation for the materials that they receive as well help them to become tactful and resourceful.

2. Children while delving in art, also develop problem-solving aptitude by challenging possibilities. They learn to figure out measurements and materials thus gaining the capacity to assess their circumstance and find a solution on their own.

3. Art projects and team creative assignments help children to assimilate, ignite companionship feelings among peers, and kindle friendship. Through it, children come to learn about teamwork. They also pick up leadership skills. This also helps in cultivating virtues like kindness, solidarity, and harmony.




4. Children make use of many articles as crayons, canvas, paint, brush, etc to paint or draw something. These very acts help them in refining their motor skills. Filling in shape with a specific color, cutting out a specific figure, or organizing patterns according to color or said sequence helps in refining movement.

5. It enhances cognitive development by luring children to indulge in education in lieu of having fun. While the traditional method of teaching cannot be absconded but by making use of art and craft, basic knowledge can be relayed in a more meaningful manner.

6. Making a piece of art can be a tenacious work, but young minds often get deeply involved in it and see to its completion because they find it rewarding. This in turn helps them to imbibe patience and perseverance.


Children and art


7. Children engage in creative arts, be it music, drama or dance tend to be more apt in communicating and expressing themselves. This is because from a young age they are exposed to the audience, for whom they have to perform.

By encouraging them to draw and paint, you are creating a leeway for them to inculcate practical knowledge that shall assist them greatly in the future. Not only does it relegate to students’ imperative skills that shall help them to succeed in the near future, but it also provides them escapade from the mundane, a gateway to their own sangria la, where they are their own master. You as parents are obligated to provide them opportunities to meddle and make a mess, in order for them to enjoy that happiness that can be gain only through the pursuit of creative arts.

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Art and creativity are integral in individual life as it helps people to pacify with their troubles and rejuvenate their spirit. Hence it should never be dislodged from one’s life even if one reaches the threshold of late adulthood.



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