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3 months ago
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Banana Dosa

Banana Dosa is a small, light, and tasty pancake. It is best used as a delicious breakfast or snack. It is very easy and can be prepared in less time. 

As the name suggests, it includes banana as the prime ingredient. Banana is one of the best sources of vitamin B6 and is responsible for decreasing fat and cholesterol and works as a source of energy for the body.


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So, for an active start let’s begin with a healthy breakfast.


Thin poha (Flattened Rice) 1.5 cups
Raw Rice 1.5 cup (soaked in water)
Jaggery 3 tbsp
Ripe banana 3
Salt As per taste



  1. Take 1.5 cups of thin poha (flattened rice), rinse it with water and transfer to a bowl.
  2. Now, add 1.5 cups of raw rice (soaked for 4 hrs) and add 3 tbsp of jaggery to it.
  3. Next, Peel off the bananas and mash them or cut them into small slices and add water as required. Grind the mixture into a fine paste and transfer it into a bowl.
  4. Add salt as per taste and mix it well.
  5. Next, heat a pan and pour the paste into small dosas and cook till you get golden brown on both sides. Cook for about 2 mins on either side and flip it over.
  6. Your banana dosa is ready. Serve hot with honey or jaggery.
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