Importance of Hobby Learning with Joshua Salins from Hobby Tribe

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Mehnaaz Khan
a year ago
Importance of Hobby Learning

Today we have with us Joshua Salins, founder and CEO of Hobby Tribe to state the importance of hobby learning. He loves playing musical instruments and is a theatre enthusiast. You can follow him on Instagram - @thehobbytribe_official.


Who can be a role model for kids to pursue their hobbies?

Kids these days like to follow someone with a good set of characters. Among celebrities, I would say, Farhan Akhtar. He is such an accomplished actor who has shown interest in singing and songwriting too. He has shown how hobbies can be turned into careers.

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What are some good platforms to pursue hobbies? Is there a general platform to pursue hobbies of all kinds?

Yes, you can visit Hobby Tribe where we have more than 50 hobbies to choose from. We call ourselves the Amazon of hobbies. One can learn anything they want from HobbyTribe.


Are there schools that offer hobby learning courses?

Yes, some schools provide hobby learning courses but their courses are limited to singing, art, and craft, etc. Not everyone likes all these. Here at Hobby Tribe, we tie up with different schools, and students can learn whatever they want within the school curriculum.


How can a hobby help students build their careers?

Children need to pursue their hobbies because it shows the wide spectrum of what they are potentially missing out on and what they can potentially do.


Why should we not force students to only focus on academics?

By doing this we are only pushing the new generation towards what the limited knowledge is but by doing otherwise you are opening a new horizon for them. Unlike India, foreign countries have designated schools and classes on vocational courses like music, etc and this is the reason why people there are successful.

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Why are hobbies important in children's learning and development?

Science has proven that people who follow their hobbies are more productive, proactive, and stress-free. These are the most important aspects of getting work done. With less stress, a person does more work more efficiently.


Are there ways in which students can simultaneously focus on both their hobbies and academics?

If Hobby Tribe has not yet collaborated with your school, it will soon. Or else you can join us directly at Hobbytribe where we have live classes in the evening too which you can join after your class.


Are all hobbies good or are there any specific good hobbies and choices?

Everyone has their tastes and likings and you cannot force someone to like something. There's no good and bad. It's about doing what you are more interested in. Go through it and get it done. 


How can hobbies help students stay mentally fit?

When something breaks the monotony of life, it stops the brain from predicting what is happening next. Science has also backed it that doing something you love helps the brain release hormones that make you feel stress-free and good. 


Is there a way to build hobbies for students who don't have any?

At our platform, we help such students to take a test to find out their likings. The best possible way to find it out is to ask yourself. Parents must not force a child to go for something as children don't know what they like. Therefore, at our platform, we have so many hobbies for children that they can pursue by taking trial classes.

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