Famous Indian Personalities who turned their Hobbies into their Career

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Mehnaaz Khan
2 years ago
Famous Indian Personalities who turned their Hobbies into their Career


We all, at some point in our lives, have wondered what life would have been like if we had chosen a different career path or would have taken the risk to pursue our hobby and passion as a career. It is a genuine human trait to prefer financial stability and security over what they want to do in life. But is living life doing what one desperately wishes not justified? Our society has become so tedious with its obsessions for selected professions that even thinking of doing something different seems questionable to many of us. This is why most of us seek career guidance.

After several sessions of thinking and deciding, most of us give up the idea of doing something new and go for what we were passively suggested to do. But not everyone is unwilling to take the chance to do what their hobby is and what they are passionate about.There are numerous kinds of hobbies and interests available. However, there are several larger categories that cover a wide range of common hobbies. 42% stated that they have gaming-related interests. 41% are interested in arts and crafts. 39% of people said they appreciate collecting things. 30% appreciate being outside. 20% are interested in sports or exercise. And 8% like to make things.Respondents specifically mentioned video games, reading, gardening, photography, jewellery making, hiking, sewing, crocheting, writing, painting, coin collecting, and fishing as some of their favourite pastimes.

 So here are some Indian personalities who pursued their hobbies as their careers and have excelled tremendously:


Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam is a famous content creator on YouTube

Famous for 'BB ki Vines', this 27 years old YouTuber, songwriter, and singer went viral around six years back with his videos. His YouTube channel today has more than 20million subscribers. He has done a graduation in history but has pursued a completely different career as a YouTuber. None of us are unaware of the success he has achieved in this field. Bhuvan Bam, for today's generation, is a great example that if we are dedicated to something we love, it will work.


Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is a famous social media influencer

Dolly Singh is a blogger, social media influencer, and content creator. She has been open about her not-so-smooth childhood and family background. Dolly after her graduation tried to crack the CAT examination but she could not. Instead, she went for the NIFT  examination, secured a decent rank, and went for fashion studies. It was only during her internship with iDiva that her career as an actor got pumped and today she is a well-known influencer who has collaborated with several famous Bollywood celebrities. Her shift from the fashion stream to acting reflects her inclination towards her hobby.

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Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani is a famous YouTube content creator

Another famous YouTuber and actor, Ashish Chanchlani, graduated as an engineer. Around 6 years back, he took a chance of making vines as it was not common in our country back then. Because of his incredibly relatable content and hard work, today he has around 20 million YouTube subscribers and he has worked with several Bollywood and international celebrities as well. Ashish has always been candid about how acting has been his hobby and passion and today it is very well portrayed in his videos and his fanbase.


Priyanka Kamboj

Priyanka Kamboj is a famous wedding photographer

With more than 110k followers on Instagram, Priyanka Kamboj (@design_aqua_studio on Instagram) is my favorite photographer and make-up artist. With more than 10years in this field, she has covered so many weddings and other functions. She has also been featured in the Band Baja Bride show by Sabyasachi and Femina. It's not always that we see a female photographer, that too self-taught, at weddings and that's what makes her different. After her graduation, she with no second thoughts went for what she loved doing and today her work is immensely loved by everyone on social media. 


Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is a famous writer

One of the most famous Indian authors, Chetan Bhagat, completed his education from IIT and IIM as an engineer and MBA graduate respectively. He worked in the banking sector for several years and simultaneously also wrote novels. In 2009, he gave up his job and became a full-time writer. He has always been a passionate and well-liked writer. His novels are best-sellers and also have been tailored into Bollywood movies. He is looked upon as a role model by all aspiring young writers.


These people are just a few names among millions of people who were determined enough to pursue their hobbies as their career. We have all read and heard about their success, what goes unseen is the fact that they all took a risk of going for something that society doesn't acknowledge. 

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