Promoting Healthy Competition amongst Children with Sonal Malhotra

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Promoting Healthy Competition


Today we have with us Mrs.Sonal Malhotra (@malhotra_sonal19 on Instagram) to discuss promoting healthy competition amongst children. She is a blogger, banker, mother, and a food and travel zealot.


What is considered healthy competition?

Healthy competition is the epitome of team spirit. A person who participates in competition would always want to succeed but he/she always derives joy from seeing what he/she succeeds in. You should concentrate on your journey and not the competition. You should not consider your peer group as your competitor. We should compete with ourselves and identify our weaknesses.

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Why is competition good for children?

Competition is good for children because they learn how to be team players. They will not work alone in a team and will always think about and support their colleagues and peers. They learn new skills and improve their self-esteem. They also learn to accept failure. 


How to promote healthy competition among kids?

Kids love competing with others. Like in schools every kid wants to be the monitor of the class. The teacher must teach that winning is not everything and efforts matter. They should practice learning from failure. We should question ourselves and stop the comparison. They should also not miss the fun and enjoy any task given. We should try giving rewards to others besides the overall winner. 


Is healthy competition required only in classrooms?

No, it is not required only in classrooms. It prevails everywhere. It is everywhere even when kids are playing, are in school, when they grow up, etc. At the workplace also competition prevails. We have our subordinates and appraisals and we compete. This is life. Competition is everywhere. Without competition, we won't enhance our skills and discover our innovation. It helps everyone deal with their stress level everywhere and instills sportsmanship. 


Is it necessary to have competition in every activity a child is performing?

It may be necessary or maybe not. It depends upon the situation we are in. So it is not necessary to have a competition in every activity. Sometimes the activity is only for fun and you don't want to burden, pressure, or make the child anxious with a win or lose situation. They should be asked to focus on the journey and not the destination. This will prepare them well for their life. 


Will healthy competition help children achieve future goals?

My view on this is that competitiveness drives creativity. It helps in redefining your skills and willingness to push the boundaries, to solve problems, and also identify the skills and efforts we have to be on the top which will help us achieve the goal as fast as we can. It helps develop empathy skills and prepares for real-life situations like how as adults we can do something.


What should be the role of parents and teachers in promoting competition among kids?

They play a very vital role in the holistic development of children. It is the overall development of the child. Parents are the first mentor of children. Children learn what they see their parents and teachers do. They must support the children to be positive in life and have healthy interactions with them. They act as motivators to the child and nurture them as mentors. I'd say that both parents and teachers are role models for children.

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