Save your Family from Harmful Preservatives

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Mehnaaz Khan
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Harmful effects of preservatives


Food preservatives are natural or artificial additives that are processed into food items to prevent the growth of microorganisms, oxidation, rancidity, etc. They increase the shelf life of food items by keeping them fresh and consumable. 


Food preservatives exist in both natural forms like salt, sugar, vinegar, etc, and artificial forms like Sodium Nitrate, Mono-diglyceride, etc.


Although the preservatives added to the food products we consume are approved by certified government agencies, this doesn't mark us, the consumer, entirely safe from the numerous short and long-term health effects of the chemicals used in these preservatives. 

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You, as a consumer, may also have the misconception that the so-labeled health products in the market are healthy for you whereas they are loaded with adverse preservatives like HFCS or Aspartame that do more harm than good to you and your family. 


People are now becoming aware of their harmful impacts and are trying to avoid food with added preservatives.


Here Are Some Unhealthy Effects Of Preservatives


Heart diseases 

Preservatives like Potassium Nitrite can cause heart-related issues as their consumption is believed to weaken the heart tissues, increasing the chances of permanent heart damage. The presence of such preservatives in food is said to be one of the leading reasons for the increase in cardiovascular diseases in humans.


heart disease


Mild to severe allergies 


Chemicals like Sulphites, Benzoates, BHA, and BHT are the most common food allergens that can develop allergic symptoms like headaches, breathing issues, skin rashes, severe itching, and swelling. After a certain time, these mild-looking symptoms could turn severe.


Digestive diseases


Vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and discomfort, etc. are some issues that arise from the consumption of preservatives like Bromates, carboxymethylcellulose, etc. In addition to these short-term effects, some substances are also said to cause stomach cancer.


digestive disese


Behavioral changes in children 


Food additives like tartrazine that are present in food items mainly consumed by children like candies and other sugary foods are said to cause hyperactivity in children.

behavioral changes in children


Weakens the immune system 


In recent studies, it is stated that preservatives like tert-butylhydroquinone, can harm our immune system. This can be avoided by consuming food substances that are free of preservatives. A good solution is taking NutriBears’  Immuno Boost gummy bears. NutriBears offers a range of health products that are made of natural sugars and free from preservatives, gelatin, glucose, and even lactose. They are exclusively designed to meet the varied nutritional needs of Indian kids and teenagers.

weakens the immune system

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The most severe danger of preservatives is their possibility of turning into cancer-causing or carcinogenic substances. Preservatives like Nitrosamine tend to react with gastric juices and cause cancerous diseases. It is highly advised to avoid and stop its intake.




Even though the authorities examine the products with preservatives before availing them in the markets, they take a long time to adapt to the most recent studies and research. So, the consumers have to take matters into their own hands by starting to 'look for the labels' and avoiding these preservatives.


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