Building a Strong Immunity in Kids to Beat the 3rd Wave of Covid

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Building a Strong Immunity in Kids to Beat the 3rd Wave of Covid

The immune system is the security guard of our body. If it is malfunctioning, we’ll fall sick more often than one can imagine. A good immune system becomes all the more important when dealing with toddlers and kids!


To discuss “How to develop immunity amongst kids?”, Ezyschooling conducted a live session with Mrs. Sanjana Marwah @holistichealth_woman, to enlighten parents about the ways they can boost their child’s immunity for the speculative third wave of Covid.


What role will a strong immune system play during the third wave of Covid?


To start with, we should understand what an immune system is! Well, the immune system is the body’s defense mechanism which is activated when a foreign particle enters the human body. This system helps prevent many diseases by fighting against bacteria, viruses, and other germs. So everyone needs to boost their immunity because we all witnessed that people with low immunity were the worst hit in the first and second wave of Covid. So definitely a good immune system would play an important role in the third wave as well.

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What are the signs of a weak immunity in children?


There are many visible symptoms of weak immunity. The most common is frequent colds and sore throats. Such individuals catch infections more than usual and can also suffer from an upset stomach. Frequent allergies are also a sign of weak immunity.



What is the main cause of a weak immunity in children?


There could be a lot of causes, some of them are:


  • Poor nutrition
  • Sleep deprivation because nowadays children spend most of their time online. And screen time affects their sleep cycle.
  • Unhygienic conditions at home or other places. 
  • Lack of handwashing before and after meals.
  • By birth. Preterm babies or those born with low body weight can become victims of a weak immune system.


What are some ways to boost immunity in children?


Immunity is nothing but an indicator of overall health. If the overall health of a child is good, their immunity would also be powerful. Some of the ways to increase immune level is:


  • By taking proper nutrition, including seasonal veggies and fruits, 
  • Exercise that increases lung capacity like pranayama and other yoga poses, 
  • Basic hygiene and 
  • Parents should vaccinate their kids regularly according to their vaccination chart.


What are some natural ways to increase immunity?


  • Healthy foods rich in protein like cheese, eggs, meat chicken, tofu, paneer and soy milk 
  • Nuts rich in omega 3 fatty acids. If children are hesitant to eat nuts, add them to their favorite sweet delicacies like ladoos and kheer.
  • Vitamin C sources like oranges, sweet lime. Avoid processed juices.
  • Turmeric, black pepper, and garlic.
  • Vitamin A rich sources like mangoes and carrots


What are some ways to protect children from germs?


The most important thing is to cultivate the habit of handwashing. And handwash should be of 2 minutes each, with proper technique. We should now make children understand that neither can they share their tiffins and water with others nor can they take food from other friends because this could increase the risk of Covid infection.



We hope you liked the article! Thank you to our special guest, Mrs. Sanjana Marwah for helping us on such an important topic.


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