Child Not Drinking Enough Water? Your Guide to Water Intake

Shubhi Kapoor
4 months ago
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Water forms about 60% of the human body weight. It regulates the body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen to all cells and carries waste matter away. Water helps keep the body weight in check, clears toxins from our bodies thereby protecting us from serious illnesses. Hence, it is one of the most important requirements of the body. 

Water is the best way to keep the body hydrated for the following reasons: 

  1. Water is the least expensive of all drinks. 

  2. The fluoride in tap water helps develop strong teeth and bones. 

  3. Fruit juices are often seen as a healthy choice due to their Vitamin C content. But they are high in sugar and kilojoules. One cup of apple juice can have up to 6 teaspoons of sugar! The high sugar content can lead to obesity. Water, on the other hand, is free from loaded sugar and preservatives found in fruit juices and flavoured mineral water. Getting your kid to drink juice instead of water, makes them habituated to wanting some flavour/sweetness in the drink. Thereby, discouraging them from having water. It is best to get children used to the plain taste of water. 

Here is a guide to recommended per day water intake for kids:

  • 4 to 8-year-olds - 1.1 to 1.3 litres.

  • 9 to 13-year-olds - 1.3 to 1.7 litres.

  • 13 years and above - 2 litres.

If they are exercising or on a hot day, you need to up the intake. 

How to help kids drink more water:

  • Always keep a bottle of water where they can reach it easily

  • Carry your water bottle when going out

  • Use smaller glasses when drinking juices or other sugary drinks

  • If you eat out often, avoid ordering a drink along with the meal. If you feel the food is dry, sip on plain water or order a soup along with the meal. 

  • Don’t wait to feel thirsty. Make it a habit to drink up every half an hour or so.

With so many benefits to it, go grab that bottle and drink up!

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