15 Best Coding Platforms for Kids in 2021

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Best Coding Platforms for Kids


In today’s world, where we all are surrounded by technology, coding has gone from being a cool after-school activity to an important must-have skill. At first, coding might sound like a bit of an impossible task but it's more like learning a new language. 


As a parent, it all might sound a bit confusing especially if you’re from a non-coding background but there are many resources available to help parents bridge that gap and provide a better learning experience for the kids. 

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Listed below are a wide range of apps, websites, and other online coding platforms that teach kids systematic thinking which is central to programming and coding. 


Best Coding Websites for Beginners




Programming languages: HTML, Python, CSS, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Scratch and many more


Codingal is a community-driven mobile and web-based platform for kids to learn to code together. It has a unique curriculum, the world's only coding curriculum based on BIDE, STEAM, and Bloom's Taxonomy designed to teach coding scientifically. 


The platform incorporates the standard and industry vetted K-12 computer science framework to create guided products, videos, and live tutoring sessions to teach coding and logical thinking to students.


Codingal has a rapidly growing community to foster the spirit of collaborative learning. The community boosts engagement through discussions, quizzes, competitions, leaderboards, and prizes. 


There is a fun and engaging curriculum for kids of every grade to learn coding with the help of video lessons. Coding’s expert Computer Science teachers and mentors offer live 1:1 coding classes on a custom-built native platform.



Programming languages: HTML, CSS, SQL


It is one of the best free platforms to learn front-end programming and database skills. The content here majorly focuses on beginners. After completion of your course, you will understand how typical programming data structures work, and get a basic idea of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts. Though there are limited options, each module is designed to ensure that you get the best hands-on programming resources in computer coding.



Programming languages: Python, R, Java, Javascript, C#, C++


It is a worthwhile platform for Computer Science students. It is mainly focused on offering in-depth university-level courses. This platform is a great resource for all Computer Science majors. You can access courses from Stanford, the University of Michigan, and other premier institutes. With over 250 courses on the different programming languages, there is a little something for each one of you. You can choose course language, level, duration, specific skills, and mode of learning depending upon your interest. 



Programming languages: Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, HTML


This platform teaches you the skills needed to handle a particular project - starting from building a mobile app to building a WordPress blog. The learning and practice-driven approach of the platform ensures that you learn efficiently without wasting much time. After you sign up, treehouse offers a free 7-day trial where you have full access to the website and choose what interests you.  



Programming languages: Data Science, Computer Science, HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, SQL


Codecademy offers personalized learning plans based on your goals and interests in areas like web development, data science, and computer science. They offer over 180 courses for you to choose from. They have daily quizzes and various project walk-through videos from experts for you to test your skills. You can also watch experts work step by step to help you understand real-world concepts better. 


Best Coding Applications for Beginners



Lightbot aims at teaching the logic of programming and coding to kids through a puzzle-based game. Kids are required to complete the task of lighting tiles by giving the right set of commands. While playing they develop a basic understanding of loops and procedures. It is available on all devices- iPad, IOS, Android. Moreover, the game is targeted towards a younger audience but is suitable for anyone who is just starting out with programming for the first time and wants to understand the important concepts before diving into a proper language.

  • Paid application 
  • Age group: 4+



CodeCombat teaches Python and JavaScript to kids using text-based programming. With their role-playing games and fun graphics, they make learning Python and JavaScript even more interesting for kids. After successfully completing a level, they can level up to more complex tasks and programming. There are multiple worlds and levels to explore and encourage kids to take on harder coding challenges.

  •  Paid application 
  •  Age group:11+



A coding platform where programming is taught by a cute little monster. Kids are taken through a series of instructions in which you learn to manipulate JavaScript code to achieve a visible desired effect. Code Monster helps in developing the interest of kids in syntax and features of programming languages from a young age. You do not need an active internet connection after you launch it from your web browser and there is no need for any signups, verification, or internet for loading the page.

  • Free access
  • Age group: Preteens



Kodable teaches the fundamentals of Computer Science through kid-friendly, self-directed lessons. Students create and play alongside bright, cute characters. It is organized as a classroom curriculum and each unit consists of a teacher’s note, an unplugged activity, and some kind of assessment or quiz at the end. Kids can start coding games at the Kindergarten level and slowly progress up to reading and writing JavaScripts. It is a great way to move from block programming and transition to real code.

  • Free access
  • Age group: 5-11



This is a free block coding application for kids that has been developed by MIT. Its large online community helps children to learn programming and even share interactive media like stories, games, and animations with others from all over the world. It's the perfect way for younger kids to develop their problem-solving, communication, and reasoning skills. This is block-based which means it's easy to use. Children here arrange pre-written commands to create actions. This is a great platform for all beginners.

  • Free access
  • Age group: 8-16

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Other Platforms to Learn Coding - YouTube Channels

YouTube is the best way to learn coding with its many independent and free sources that can help you start out. Listed below are the top-rated YouTube coding and programming channels. 



This YouTube channel is run by Daniel Shiffman and the channel is mainly focused on instructional videos on program processing and p5. Usually, the programming language taught in his videos revolves around JavaScript. His videos are beginner-friendly and contain creative coding tutorials and challenges.



It is an instructor-led e-Learning platform. They have a separate playlist on their channel named  "Edureka Free Courses + Popular Videos" which has the free full course and trending technology videos on AWS, DevOps, Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, SQL, Javascript, Android, Big Data, and many more. 



This is a nonprofit channel that offers coding and tech learning to its viewers. It provides free videos, articles, coding interview questions, and interactive learning lessons. After the completion of your coding challenges, you will also be granted certification. The most popular courses are - Python course for beginners, SQL tutorial, and JavaScript. 



This channel is everything you need for programming. It has a huge variety of tutorials on topics like Python, Angular, and React. This channel has inspired many other new YouTubers to start their channels as well.  The quality content here will undoubtedly help you broaden your programming knowledge and enhance your computer programming skills.



This channel consists of free courses in big data, data science, and artificial intelligence. In some of their videos, they also talk about how to assist corporate clients in upskilling their workforce.


If your kids have been computer-savvy with video games, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics from a young age and have expressed interest in learning how to code and program their own games, it can be a good idea to encourage them to jump into coding.


There are various reasons why coding is important. Whether it’s just for fun or is for professional work, it is surely enjoyable. It positively affects all areas of your life and it is not just limited to technical skills.


Hopefully, this list of the best online platforms for coding will help you out on your coding journey.


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