Start your child's fun-filled learning journey with The Pretty Geeky

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Start your child's fun-filled learning journey with The Pretty Geeky

The way individuals learn and grasp new concepts varies as per their age. With children this is largely dependent on observation, exploring, experimenting, and asking questions. The methods and devices have to be modified in a way to attract deep engagement and tap into their natural curiosity. Alternative approaches for introducing students to basic concepts are being widely employed these days in the education sector. This is where brands like The Pretty Geeky have opened up different avenues for children to start their fun-filled learning journey.


Pretty Geeky


The Pretty Geeky focuses on providing creative card games for kids with a STEM-based foundation that hits two birds with one stone. These Indian games are designed in a way that allows children to explore our rich mythological culture and at the same time teach them important concepts in a fun and engaging way. In this article, we will be learning about the benefits of two such vivid card games for kids by The Pretty Geeky. 




Code-Ayana card game


The name and the cover themselves are fascinating enough to ensure an engaging experience. This card game for kids is devoted to introducing the basics of coding in a completely different light. Coding has evolved as a basic literacy to introduce skills of problem-solving, creativity, logical thinking, writing, etc. in a more fun and engaging manner. The game of Code-Ayana does absolute justice to the gratifying world of coding with its adventurous and intriguing steps. The game brings an interesting twist in introducing the fundamentals of Coding. Let’s look at some unique features of Code-Ayana -


  • Being an Indian-based company, The Pretty Geeky has extracted the best from its roots with the steps revolving around the journey of Sita. They have a fresh take on the storyline by including female empowerment values wherein Sita doesn’t have to depend on anybody to escape from the clutches of Ravana. 


  • The players have to create algorithms and form different pathways to help Sita find a route to Ram. They have to eliminate any error in this process and use the arrow cards to move her in the desirable direction.


  • The game has great educational values and it has proven a great help for teachers in schools to impart knowledge on the fundamentals of coding. 


  • The features are very engaging and it allows the whole family to be a part of the fun process which acts as a huge motivation for children to learn to code further. 


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  • It includes 36 forest cards, 7 special cards, and 18 arrow cards, and a detailed instruction sheet. The nature of the game ensures prolonged engagement with the concept, proving more fruitful than worksheets. 


  • The hidden values are profound as it channels the child’s inherent logical reasoning and analytical thinking capacities which can further help them in their journey of coding. This also creates a good foundation for their career ahead in STEM. 


  • The best part, the entire learning process is not dependent on any screen time. 


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Math-O-rama card game

With the subject of maths, children have had their own fair share of nightmares. Mostly because there is a lack of clarity regarding basic concepts and the conventional teaching methods that have been applied over years have proven to be somewhat futile and have in fact made it worse for some students. Well, in this case, we can literally “Thank God (Rama)” and the creators at The Pretty Geeky for the card game of Math-O-Rama. This card game for kids has yet again showcased the creativity of The Pretty Geeky and it has an amazing engaging capacity for children which can be extremely helpful to beat all the maths jitters. Let’s look at some features of this game- 


  • Just like its counterpart, Math-O-Rama also stems from Indian mythology, the story of Rama slaying Ravana. The objective of the game is to help Rama slay the 10 heads of Ravana. 


  • The card game is based on the concept of addition. The colorful and attractive 54 number cards and 14 special character cards are accompanied by detailed rules/instructions that ensure a strong engagement which even calls for a fun family time.


  • Math-O-Rama has come up as an advantageous alternative to conventional methods of teaching the basics of maths. Teachers can rely on this for classroom teaching as well. 


  • This game goes a step further than providing elementary fun and caters to the developing capacities in children like their creative capacity, analytical & logical reasoning, and cognitive development. 


  • Just like Code-Ayana, Math-O-Rama provides its best without the harm of any screen time engagement.


The Pretty Geeky has elevated the application of basic concepts and the way they are made available to the student mass. Code-Ayana and Math-O-Rama are just a small part of their larger, enhanced efforts to innovate the channel of education for kids, teachers as well as parents. Both the games contribute to the holistic development of the child which includes not just the analytical and logical part but also their hand-eye coordination, communication skills, memory building, teamwork, mental math, and more. 


The Pretty Geeky has a lot more math, science, and coding-based games for you to check out.

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