A Complete Guide on Scratch & Block Coding

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A Complete Guide On Scratch & Block Coding


How ‘blocks’ make coding fun and interactive for kids

As you may already know, your web browser, operating system, apps, and even the website you are reading this article on are all powered by code.


It is no surprise that coding is emerging as one of the most desirable skills that parents want their kids to acquire. And more importantly, learning to code is becoming increasingly popular among children too. 


However, there is still a lot of confusion among parents and children about where and how to start. In this article, we will be answering all your questions about getting started with coding for kids. 

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If you are a beginner, the best place to start learning to code is by using block-based coding platforms. These coding platforms help children quickly and easily grasp the basic concepts of coding without having to write code. Block-based coding platforms also make the learning process fun and interactive.


What is block-based coding?


Block-based coding is the most fundamental form of computer programming. Instead of having to begin coding with complex and complicated textual lines of code, block-based coding is a great way to help kids quickly learn about the basics of programming. 


In block-based coding, kids use visual blocks to create animations and games using blocks. The platforms let the child simply drag and drop blocks in a sequence using a visual interface. Each of the blocks is a piece of code. So, essentially, the child is writing code without text. This helps kids quickly grasp the basic concepts and logic used in programming. 


As each of the blocks perform a different function or command, all you need to do is arrange them in a sequence and you can run the program you just created. Using blocks also makes it easy to detect and fix any errors in the program. 


The visual and interactive process in block-based coding makes learning computer programming easier and more effective, especially for kids. 


Is block-based coding useful?


The importance of block-based coding cannot be overstated when it comes to introducing a child to coding or programming.


Being a basic programming language, block-based coding helps children gain a conceptual understanding of how coding works while developing cool animations, telling stories, or creating games, etc.


Block-based coding offers a simple, visual and interactive way to learn code and makes coding fun and appealing for children. This way, children can quickly pick up computational thinking which is essential to all programming.


Another advantage of using block-based coding is that it is known to boost other essential qualities such as imagination, creativity, and communication.


What is Scratch?


Developed by MIT, Scratch is a free-to-use, visually engaging programming tool that aims at teaching the basics of coding to young children in a fun and intuitive manner. 


Scratch uses a block-based coding mechanism that allows you to develop animations, stories, games, etc. without having to write code. Scratch is perfectly suited to introduce children and young adults to the magical world of coding. And is completely free of cost.


Why is Scratch recommended for kids?


Unlike other text-based programming languages that are difficult to understand for beginners, Scratch makes coding very appealing and intuitive for kids by letting them use visual blocks to create the code.


Scratch exposes children to the fun and creative side of programming without forcing them to learn to write code. The platform doesn’t require the user to deal with tiresome facets of coding such as syntax and obscure errors. Scratch is also very accessible and gives young students a friendly introduction to the world of programming.


Scratch allows children to be creative and gives them the tools needed to develop their own interactive stories, games, or animations. And since all programming requires planning and practicing, using Scratch instills strong organizing and interpreting skills in students from an early age.


The platform also boosts the logical and problem-solving skills of the students and prepares them for high-level computer languages.




Codingal is India’s fastest-growing online code learning platform that is founded by an IIT alumni. The company is on a mission to make kids fall in love with coding and wants to empower them to take on the future.


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Codingal has a rich, scientific and up-to-date curriculum that is designed by a team with more than 50 years of experience in the field of computer science. Their unique curriculum not only makes learning to code easy for kids but also fun and desirable.


At Codingal, children are taught to code in 1-on-1 classes with highly experienced computer science graduates who pace and personalize the course to match every child’s learning style. Best of all, the courses are nominally prized. 


Over the last year, Codingal has helped more than 100,000 students across India discover and master the art of coding.

So go on and introduce your child to coding by booking a free 1-on-1 class on Codingal.


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