Ways to keep your Child Mentally Healthy

Krithika Nityanand
7 months ago
Child mental health


They say ‘Change is the Only Constant’, but how to deal with some of the drastic changes in life? How to cope up with the monotony? How to live a happy and balanced life in this lockdown?


Hello Folks! I am sure this lockdown period must have locked-down your minds completely. The monotonous routine tends to have a larger impact on the minds of the children.COVID-19 is a pandemic that nobody had expected to witness and this has largely impacted the minds of the children.

Mental health is paramount and dealing with children is a very sensitive and crucial need at this hour. So how to keep the minds of the kids healthy and engaged?

Here are some tips to inculcate in your lives in order to strengthen the mental health of your child. 


 1. Play with your child

This is the best time to play with your child. Use this lockdown period as an opportunity to grow some healthy relationships with your child. Play with them, be it chess, carrom, ludo, UNO, jigsaw puzzle or any other board game. Tell them about the games you used to play in your childhood. Indulging in a healthy conversation will lighten the mood of you as well as your child. 


 2. Creative Activities

Do some painting, drawing, play with clay dough or do some origami with your child. Put on your creative thinking caps and let the creativity flow. Research proves that drawing, coloring, art and craft tends to improve the mental health of a child and prepares them to deal with the stress in life. 


 3. Exercise

The lockdown would have made your body dull and it is very important to get physically fit. Do some yoga and meditation at home with your child. Teach them the art and power of yoga, which helps to attain mental peace. Mental and physical health complement each other. A child has to be physically healthy in order to be mentally healthy. 


 4. Go green 

Help your child make friends with nature. Indulge in some home-gardening with your child. This is a great way to improve the mental health of your child. When a child does gardening, nurtures and waters the plant and sees the plant grow, he also learns the importance of patience in life. It also helps in the development of soft skills such as hard work, kindness, sympathy and sensitivity towards every living being. 


 5. Talk to them

In the hectic schedule, parents often find very little time to talk with their children about their day. The lockdown provides you with plenty of time to talk. Talk with your child about their school, their hobbies and share stories of their childhood. Talking is one of the most productive ways to relieve stress. This will help to build the trust between you and your child and also strengthen your bond with them. 


This is a tough time for all of us. All we need to do is stay strong and work as a team. I am sure you and your child will emerge healthier and happier after this lockdown. Don't lose hope and stay positive. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe. 




This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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