7 Steps to Increase your Child's Communication Skills

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How to Make your Child an Effective Communicator


Communication is the essence of life. We humans are the most intelligent species on the planet because of our ability to communicate with each other. It's been a specialty since the times of our forefathers. Yes! They used to communicate in their own way using graphics and gestures. 

The ability to communicate is truly a gift to all of us. It is because of communication we can feed ourselves or get a promotion in the office.

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Communication is a form of self-expression and for children it's a much-needed skill to excel in every aspect of life. If a child is a non-communicator then they could turn into a messy person later in life.

It’s because of good communication skills your child can earn a social quotient, which would certainly help them to survive in this fast-moving social world we are living in.


Not trying to scare you but it's often the kids with communication problems that sort of fall in the pit hole of psychological disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Good communication skills on the other hand can help children learn vocabulary which they could later use in their studies. 


The Eight Dimension” is a platform that will help improve the communication skills of your children.  Through the art of story writing and storytelling, they work on written and physical expressions of children along with developing their thinking process and cognitive skills, finally making them ready for the upcoming future. They train children to be authors of their own imagination and even help them publish their books.



Causes of poor communication in children


Let's discuss some of the habits which contribute to poor communication skills in children:


Stressful environment 


This reason tops the list. If your child is growing up in a stressful environment with frequent fights between parents or family members, it can affect their communication skills.



Talking for your child 


In social gatherings and parties, we often speak for our children instead of making them speak for themselves. But this habit undermines your child and weakens their self-confidence.



No TVs or devices 


Okay, we admit that too much technology and tv can transform kids into brats but too little or none at all can affect development in young minds. TVs and cartoons can help kids learn new vocabulary and can motivate them to communicate.

No one to listen 


Communication grows only when active listening takes place. If you're not listening to your child then they might stop communicating freely.


Speech disorders or hearing disorders


Sometimes speech disorders such as stuttering or stammering can demotivate a child. But thanks to the many speech therapies and medical facilities available, kids with such problems can also build good communication skills. As a parent or guardian, you just need to support and provide them with professional services.


Solutions to enhance communication in children


Listed here are some ways you as a parent can improve communication skills in your child.




Reading is a must for every human out there. And in the crucial years of child development reading plays an important role in developing communication skills.

Decision making 


Try to ask and include your child’s say in family decisions, it would boost their confidence and feed their ego in a good way.



Storytelling is an excellent way through which you can help your child open up and speak about their favorite stories or even a life event they are experiencing.

Diary writing


Encourage children to fill diaries or journals. It would help them express themselves through their words.


Talking to strangers 


Encourage your child to speak with others. It can be anyone, your house help or delivery guys or shopkeepers. This way they would open up to the world.

Active listening 


Active listening is very important to build trust between you and your kid. If you won't talk to them or listen to them properly, it can ruin their self-expression and self-esteem.

Spend more time with your kids


Be around your kids at least when they are at home. Spend time with them and talk to them more often. 

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