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8 months ago
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Granola bars are a great snack to munch on whenever and wherever. It is the perfect blend of sweet, crunch and a savoury. It's a snack that used to be a childhood favourite for a lot of us. Granola bars are super healthy and highly nutritious. 


When it comes to favourite dishes, most of us don't think twice before bingeing on. Sometimes the guilt of eating unhealthy food dawns upon us. But should we let these worries taint our favourite snack? The answer is a big no! 


That's when the homemade granola bars come to our rescue. These are easy to make and guaranteed to be your kid's favourite. 




Peanut butter

¼ cup

Crushed Pumpkin Seeds

1 cup


¼ cup

Roasted almonds

1 cup

Rolled oats

1 ½ cup

Chocolate chips

1 cup

Sea salt

1 tsp


  • Start with mixing the wet ingredients (peanut butter, honey and sea salt). Mix well until the honey is nicely incorporated. 


  • Simultaneously, start folding in(adding) the dry ingredients that are oats, chocolate chips, almonds and crushed pumpkin seeds. Keep stirring for some time. 


  • Next, press the mixture into a baking paper-lined pan, shaping it like a granola bar. Cover with another sheet of baking paper. 


  • Place the pan inside the refrigerator and allow it to cool for 2 hours or so. 


There, your homemade granola bars are now ready to be binged on. You can add a variety of different dry ingredients like chia seeds, cashews, almonds, pistachio, and so on. Make a delicious granola bar with ingredients you like and enjoy them every day.


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