Preparing and Protecting your Kids from the Speculative Covid 3rd Wave

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Riya Pathak
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Protecting Kids from the 3rd Wave


The pandemic has taken us all in a grip. The series of lockdowns have made us all ponder on our family's health.

With many speculations going around that the third wave of the pandemic will affect kids, many parents are in a state of panic.



To address such questions we at Ezyschooling conducted a live session with Dr. Gunjan @thevitaly_stable on the topic “Preparing and protecting your kids from the speculative Covid 3rd wave.”

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What is your background and how has the virus personally impacted you?


I am a dentist and for the past year, I have been spreading awareness related to Covid in different spheres. In the 2nd wave, I believe very few people might not have been infected by the virus. Even my parents had mild symptoms but thankfully we were all able to take care of them by taking guidance from senior doctors and it went quite well.



According to you, when will the 3rd wave hit India?


Well, we can't say the exact time because it's unpredictable. But they say it would hit around September or October and the most targeted group would be children. Because by that time 18 plus would have been vaccinated and the virus would certainly attack the non vaccinated. So it's very important to take care of children keeping in mind the 3rd wave.


Especially newborns and small kids they should essentially be taken care of. Children need to wear double masks and parents should keep their distance from them and make sure they sanitize their kid's toys or whatever they touch in their daily life. Parents should avoid hugging kids after coming home from outside. All these minute but important precautions would certainly help subside the 3rd wave.



How prepared is India for the 3rd wave?


We all know that the Indian medical infrastructure is lagging but the scenario we faced in April this year made the government more active and on the run for arranging the medical facilities for the nation.


But to be honest, it's not just the government that needs to work, it's us all collectively who need to understand the seriousness of the virus. I have seen people who don’t bother to wear masks these days and all these factors would in the future contribute to the source of the 3rd wave.


People need to understand no magic will kill the virus. It's the little precautions that can help eliminate the virus gradually from the planet.


And one more thing I would like to add is that parents are negatively reinforcing children about the virus, which is affecting their mental health. Instead of frightening the kids by explaining to them, the corona is a devil waiting for them outside the house, parents should encourage developing good habits in children like dancing, singing, coding, etc. instead of making the world a scary place because of the virus.

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