Parents: The Pillars of Support at Summer Fields School

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Aayuushi Bose
a year ago
Parents: The Pillars of Support at Summer Fields School

It is conventional for structured learning to be confined to the four walls of a classroom, but we often forget to acknowledge who a child’s first teacher is. So it’s no surprise parents have a significant impact on a child’s education. 


Parent's role


At Summer Fields School, the members are of the belief that a balance of education at home and school is essential to produce the necessary learning outcomes. However, at a time wherein most of the students’ learning happens at home, the role of parents has become pivotal to the quality of education they receive. 


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How do Parents influence the learning process?

Parents influencing learning process


It is our surrounding environment and interactions that shape us into unique individuals. A child’s learning scale is also influenced by the way they are treated at home.

Parent- child relationship


More and more awareness has been created about being an active participant in your child’s life. By being emotionally available, parents instill confidence and aid in the development of soft skills in children. The same applies to their learning process.

Children are more comfortable with classroom learning when a parent is involved. This proximity results in a positive outlook towards classroom learning. The role of parents is best described as follows:

  1. Showcasing support to the child
    Supporting parent
  2. Ensuring the home environment is a safe and stimulating learning space
    Home learning environment
  3. Overlooking consistency is maintained in completing assignments

It is vital for parents to implement these three principles to see high academic results in the long run. However, the question remains, how does one accomplish this?


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The Unilocular Vision at Summer Fields

The parents and teachers work hand in hand to provide a stimulating learning experience. Teachers employ the latest technologies to simplify complex topics and make them easy to understand. However, to fully absorb and retain the concept requires revision. For this purpose, teachers also hand out revision assignments that children are expected to complete at home. 

Home assignments

It is up to the parents to ensure that students take responsibility and complete these assignments, especially at the pre-primary and primary levels. Parents at SFS recommend a smart action plan to get the ball rolling. 


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Step 1: Set a Routine and Working Space- Provide your child with a space free of distractions and in which they’re comfortable. Communicate with them that homework is a priority and needs to be done every day, without question. 

Study table


Step 2: Don’t be the problem solver- Often, parents give their children the correct answer when they’re stuck. Instead, prompt them to approach the problem from a new perspective or help them analyze the question.  

Problem solving


Step 3: Get in touch with Teachers- Connecting with teachers will help you keep track of your child’s progress in class and find other resources your child can use for school. They are also keen to provide extra help if parents desire, you need only ask!


Parent teacher support


Summer Fields School would like to thank their most significant assets, who continue to put their faith in the institution. Through their unconditional support towards the establishment and its students, the school has been able to continue to impart high-quality education even in such challenging times. 

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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