A Parenting Handbook for Online Classes

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Mehnaaz Khan
2 years ago
A Parenting Handbook for Online Classes


Students of all age groups are required to attend online classes. From the eldest of teachers to the youngest of students, everyone by now has adapted to this way of learning. The only group still struggling with this change are the parents. 


But don’t worry! By following the simple guidelines below, you can make sure that your child gets the most out of their online classes and that you don’t embarrass them in front of their friends and teachers.

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Below mentioned are a few tips and manners that parents can follow during their kids' online classes.


Basic Etiquette

Arguing, gossiping, screaming, or making an unnecessary and inappropriate appearance while the child is live, attending online classes must be avoided.

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Let the child please respond 

Many teachers complain that parents interfere and respond instead of the child. This will make the children dependent and inactive and thus must be avoided.


Trust the school authorities and the teachers


Parents are constantly concerned that online classes will affect the education of their children which is completely false. Teachers and school faculty are trying their best to not let the absence of offline classes impact the children. So, parents can count on the schools they have chosen for their kids.


Silverline Prestige School is one such school that deserves all the trust and reliability of the parents. They have a well-formed routine for online classes and have beautifully dealt with the learning gap that has been caused due to the pandemic.

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Silver Line Prestige School was also the first school in Ghaziabad to start online classes from Day 1 of the new session last year.

Silverline Prestige School


Understand the necessity of online classes and tuitions 


Speaking from personal experience, I can say that many parents believe that online classes and tuitions are of no use and so they aren't enrolling their eligible kids in schools and tuitions. But what they don't realize is that by the time everything turns back to normal, how much their kids will lack behind and suffer.


These are some tips that parents can follow but the central focus of the online classes is on the students. While some students find it difficult to stay focused during their classes, some students misbehave with their teachers and disturb the class during their lectures. To avoid these, parents should prepare and monitor their children during their online classes.


A few tips on how parents can deal with their kids during online class

Instill the importance of online classes

Parents must make their children understand that online classes are not inferior to offline classes. Students must behave as they would during their offline classes.


Keep them punctual and disciplined

punctual online

Teachers complain about how students join the online classes very late and how parents don't see it as a big deal. Parents need to make sure that their kids are on time and are disciplined during the classes.

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Make sure that the child is active throughout the classes


Students tend to join the classes and pay no attention to what's going on. Some just mute the meeting, fall asleep or ignore what is being taught. Parents should help motivate their kids so that their kids can be more attentive during the class.


Don't help the children during online exams

The worst thing parents can do is support their kids in using any unfair means during online exams. This may help them score well online but once they get habituated to cheating and malpractices, it will become impossible for them to cope with their studies when things get back to normal. For example, a child passing their 4th and 5th standard online examinations by using unfair means will certainly struggle to pass their 6th standard offline examination.


Train the children how to operate the camera and mic

Children must be familiar with the usage of the mic and camera of their systems during their classes. This will not only save the classes from being disturbed unnecessarily but also maintain the privacy of your family and save the children from embarrassing moments.


Don't engage kids in any other activities during classes 

It can look very informal and rude when the children are distracted from their classes due to some other activities. Parents must not feed, talk or ask the kids to do anything else during the classes. Let them attend the class in the required manner. This will also let the kid stay serious about the classes.


This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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