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Sugandha Mehrotra on impact of the corona pandemic

Motherhood is the greatest thing that happens to a lady and the hardest thing she ever must do.

We had on board with us Ms. Suganndha Mehrotra, a boss mother and an entrepreneur (@themommysinger), getting candid on how to engage your kids in this lockdown, teaching them about hygiene and thoroughly enjoying this phase with your kiddos.


Q1. What do you think of this current pandemic as a mom?

As a Mother, I feel that children are the most carefree people. I have a 4-year-old and a furry baby too and it is hard for them to understand the current scenario and how cleanliness is more important these days. A lot of times things don't go as you plan and that makes a mother worry even more. But the best thing; what I feel and what I apply; is that I try to have healthy communication with them, explaining to them why we are being so cautious and what can be the repercussions. And yes, the going gets tough sometimes but if you are communicative and expressive with them that makes It easier to get them to do what you want them to do.


Q2. How are you dealing with your munchkin in this lockdown?

Initially, we were getting a little bored in this quarantine. But then we had an addition to our family; our Furry baby (our pet Mia). We brought her home just a day before my daughter's birthday and life has turned around completely. We have never gotten bored ever since and we are constantly engaged in activities. The whole learning process is happening at home.

Also, along with this, we have started with A lot of in-house activities for my kid to beat the lockdown blues. So, in addition to us sitting down for specific activities for her, she is learning alongside me. Whatever I do I engage her in that no matter how clumsily she is doing it, but it's fun and she learns real-time. We are both learning with and from each other.


Q3. As a mother, what personal measures are you taking regarding hygiene?

There is A lot of impetus on washing hands now. We have bottles of sanitizers, hand wash, and moisturizer in every room of the house. So, no matter what happens throughout the day, we really focus on keeping our hands clean.

During this lockdown, my kid has become more careful and more focused on cleanliness. And when they see the parents are leading by example that they never touch their face after touching something dirty and are constantly washing hands, kids really pick up fast. With them, it's always Walk the Talk.


Q4. Any eating habits you have inculcated in your kid or in the whole family after this whole pandemic?

From the very beginning, we have really believed in eating healthy and having an active lifestyle. We try to refrain from packaged food for her, so we bake A lot together at home. We bake cakes and pizzas, so it's hygienic and we get to bond over food especially in the lockdown where we can't eat out, so we are trying to cook all the exciting foods at home. Speaking about immunity enhancement, fruits and nuts are a primary part of our lives.

Every day we try to refine our diet more and keep it more about home-made delicacies.


Q5. So, what is the one thing you have learned in this lockdown?

Patience. Being a parent really takes you to new levels of patience (laughs!). As Millennials we are constantly chasing our careers and our lives, but as soon as you have a "mini-me" you are thrown into unknown territory. So, you learn side by side your kids. There has been a paradigm shift and people are coming out and talking about their parenting struggles on public platforms. This gives A lot of support and inspiration to the parents who are struggling that "Yes, I am not alone, and I can do it too".

But the main learning I have had in this lockdown is to not take parenting as a challenge or a load, rather to go with the flow. Every parenting is unique because every kid is different, so the best we can do is stay calm and be gentle and patient with the kids. There is absolutely no need to feel the pressure of competing with other parents. Through this lockdown I have learned that staying in with your kids 24×7 can be fun if we go with the flow.


Q6. How do you keep your kid engaged nowadays?

Like I shared she is engaged in a lot of in-house activities and running around with our four-legged baby. She is really fascinated by me cleaning the house, so she takes her rainbow-colored duster and starts doing it herself while wearing a mask. There is a lot of art and craft happening in the house right now. Like on the skeleton out of toilet paper or shed leaves, and she loves it.  Also, together we read A lot of interesting books and stories. 

And her favorite part of the day is cooking with me. So, I let her take part in little things and that keeps her mind engaged. The fact is that all you need to do is involve them in anything you are doing and be kind to them.


Q7. Do you think that this lockdown and the whole situation has had an impact on the mental health of the children?

We can't deny the fact that the kids are feeling stuck in the house. They really yearn to go out even if it's just going in the aisle. But in this situation where you necessarily must stay indoors, the best is to openly talk to them about it. My husband and I have always been realistic and true with our daughter and not to paint a rosy picture. We want her to be informed and explain to her what is happening right now. The more you share with your kid, the more they evolve as humans. We try to keep it real with her rather keep her in a bubble. She knows all about the virus and the effects and that has really helped her in being more cautious. So, I believe being honest with the kids goes a long way.


Q8. What is your most cherished lockdown memory so far?

 After being engaged the whole day, at the end of the day when both our kids are fast asleep in our arms, that is the most beautiful part of the day. Now I have a kid and a furry baby and ever since she came my family feels complete. So, every such moment where the four of us snuggled together is my absolute favorite.


Q9. Any message to the parents who are struggling out there?

I really hope no parent is struggling right now. But if anyone is, I would just want to convey that it is all in our head. Kids staying at home is not a load rather a whole new opportunity to learn. Please do not feel the peer pressure from other parents and be with your kid in your own unique way. The best thing to do is to let things run their course. If your child behaves badly that does not make you a bad parent, it's just a phase. If You are a good-hearted person, the kids will surely learn the same.

So, if any parent is struggling please go easy on yourself, cut yourself some slack and keep your temperament in check. Be kind and gentle to the kids, let them make mistakes and enjoy this learning phase. Take a chill pill and try not to overthink. This too shall pass. The happiness quotient of the home is primary. Focus on having a HAPPY HOME.


Q10. If you had one wish which would get fulfilled right now, what would it be?

The biggest wish I have right now is that the world comes to peace right away. If a miracle could happen, I really hope that this virus goes away, and life could go back to normalcy. There is so much chaos and fear out there right now and I sincerely pray for the world to have absolute peace and every mind should be free from fear. Every life should be safe and sound, that's my deepest prayer right now.

Follow her for more insights at @themommysinger

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