What is the Hybrid Learning Model of Education?

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What is hybrid learning


Technology has made a profound impact on the field of teaching and learning. Hybrid learning is a crucial development in the field of education that has only been possible due to technology.




In the simplest of terms, hybrid learning can be defined as teachers taking both online and offline classes simultaneously for the students. Some students attend the classes in person while some attend virtually. It mostly depends on the students to choose the way they wish to attend the classes. 

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Hybrid learning



Hybrid learning is usually confused with other means of learning like blended learning, online learning, flipped learning, and experiential learning. 








In hybrid learning, the teachers conduct both offline and online classes for the students simultaneously.


As the name suggests, online learning aims at teaching the students completely online. The complete academics of the student is executed via online mode with no in-person involvement.


Blended learning is the combination of offline learning with an online learning experience.


It is a type of blended learning approach that 'flips' the traditional method of a teacher teaching by one or many students being independently engaged in activities that boost their potential. 


Mode and platform


Conducted both online and in-person; it depends on the students how they want to attend the classes.


The teachers conduct live classes via online applications like Google Meet and Zoom meetings. The students are also provided with online study material.


The physical presence of both the students and educators is usually required. Apart from the dominance of traditional teaching methods, students are also engaged in online educational activities, computerized learning, and other digital means of learning. 


This may require both the online and offline presence of the students. It involves an experiential learning strategy that demands the active participation of students in their classes.



Students are provided with online study materials and they can attend the classes from anywhere they wish to.

Since last year, almost every educational institution has taken up this mode of teaching. 

It is different from hybrid learning as it requires the presence of all the students for offline classes which are assisted with digital learning techniques.

It doesn't mean that students are not taught in the class. It aims at making them capable of experimenting, analyzing, and comprehending the assigned tasks under the guidance of the teachers. 



When we talk about different learning processes, it would be unjust to not mention the highly influential process of experiential learning. This is an independent way of making students active learners and not passive ones. It is the intertwined strategy used in the execution of flipped learning. Experiential learning provides a platform to the students where they are guided through what they should learn rather than being 'just taught' and this approach can be and should be implemented in all modes of teaching.


Experiential learning


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