Moving beyond Traditional Methods of Learning

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Moving beyond Traditional Methods of Learning

With progression, comes improvement; it is likely of almost every aspect in life to go through a process of growth and change which will evidently lead to a space for development and most importantly adaptation. Since the beginning of time, the main purpose of education is to impart knowledge to individuals through a medium and educators serve this crucial functionality of imparting knowledge. And with imparting knowledge, the idea on how to impart knowledge was the question.

Simply put, teaching methodologies were introduced in the most traditional sense, how was the knowledge going to be taken in by the individuals who were listening to the teachings. Traditional methods of teaching came into the picture and ever since, with the world making a steady progress further, these methods of teaching also achieve new horizons and new ideas were initiated and implemented through and through.

In this article, we shall be taking about the importance of the new methods of learning and teaching and how it has affected the learning pattern of students immensely.

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Now, the pattern of learning that students go through is almost as old as time; the traditional methods that educators initiate to impart knowledge has always through oral speech; explaining and instructing a topic or concepts and values to learn and understand throughout. Either way, this process still continue to exist till date and has always been effective, but with the technological advancement in today’s world, it is fair to say that new methods of teaching have been implemented so as to meet the criteria of teaching students in such a way so as they understand everything with utmost concentration and interest.


What is Progressive Learning?

Kid drawing stairs with a pencil: Moving beyond traditional methods of learning

Most educational institutes always aim at providing holistic education to their students; with this in mind, the well designed curriculum that they have implemented in their schools also aim at introducing new teaching methodologies so that their students go through a process a learning that does not create room for indolent behaviour; thereby fabricating a space where their creativity is ensured and their passion to learn is fuelled. The students’ creative and critical faculty undergoes a progress and their needs are met through their learning behaviour.

The “education beyond classrooms” is one crucial example that demolishes the conventional learning behaviour, whereby the students are taken outside their classrooms and learn in a more free atmospheric space, the essence of the surroundings outside makes the learning process all the more interesting and captivating.

The introduction of hybrid learning and other technological tools in teaching methodologies; the whole idea of progressive learning comes when educational institutes understand the gravity of e-learning and smart classes  and how effective they can be with its proper implementation. Technological utilities in classrooms have always created a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm when students are allowed to make good use of them; thereby their curiosity fuels their passion to learn and adds more learning points to the students. Evidently, students learn better when their creative feeling thrives.

The functionality of assessments and feedbacks in the learning process; schools of this era have also introduced reformations that change the learning process tenfold. Now, it is just about learning a certain topic by heart and being happy with that mediocre result, but the world has come to a point where it’s important to know more and do better, to excel in everything that one does. Thereby, to understand how much a student has progressed, assessments are implemented; students go through a process of learning and eventually, assessments are given to them to see how much they have understand and simultaneously, feedbacks are often provided to the students so as they know where they have weak points and how can they improve in them. The school pays close attention to these feedbacks for it is here that they can improvise and bring about a change in the learning process so that the students can follow a different method of learning and evidently, they can do better.

The ideology attached to putting emphasis on extracurricular activities;  learning becomes all the more interesting when students are given a chance to hone their existing talents and skills or engage in a different activity altogether for their own growth. Creative and critical faculty are essential for they create a sense of enthusiasm and interest in the student and they tend to learn other concepts all the more efficiently. Allowing the students to take part in numerous activities, this endures their critical skills and develops a sense of understanding in the students where they can endure a learning process filled with not just the constraints of the traditional learning habits but a more free ambient filled space for their creativity and imagination to thrive as well.

Let’s talk about a school which deals with the numerous concepts that have been explained above and most importantly, the fruitful aspect of moving beyond the traditional methods of teaching and learning, i.e., Maxfort School, situated in Rohini.

Maxfort School, Rohini

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Affiliation: CBSE
Co-ed Status: Co-ed
Established in: 2009

Maxfort School Rohini has in its motto the very essence to “empower children with life skills to excel in future”, with this in mind, the school has worked and implemented hybrid learning in its methodologies to work with a vision that also focuses on life beyond schooling and education. The teaching curriculum provides students with essential life skills that are equally important in life. The school places equal emphasis on academic excellence as well as preparing its students to be successful adults in the future.

With their vision to focus on education that exposes the students to provisions where they can seek their own answers, in a sense, the students broaden their minds to understand concepts in a unique manner. Improvement in the learning process, Maxfort School utilises technology including Learning Management System (LMS), International online teaching-learning programmes, virtual lab and e-library. The school also combines a variety of in-person and online methodologies, aspiring to develop future leaders with a global perspective.

The other branch of this school is the Maxfort International School in Pitampura, North West Delhi.

Maxfort International School

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Affiliation: CBSE
Co-ed status: Coed
Established in: 2009

Maxfort International School is considered “excellent school,” has been working to provide more unconventional methods of teaching-learning for their students and teachers which are fruitful in every sense of the term. With the necessity to make way for modern education, the school breaks away from the conventional methods of learning; enabling the students to develop into successful individuals in the future. The school’s learning atmosphere is conducive and has always strive to achieve an ambience best suited for learning.  The school has always highlighted factual and experimental learning essential for students to meet better outcomes for themselves.

In conclusion, modernity has made its pathway to seep into society all the way, the necessity for almost sphere to progress further makes it essential for the educational aspect to take new leaps and introduce new and unconventional methods of learning and teaching as to as to meet the competitive nature of the world; to prepare students to do and excel in everything that they do. Therefore, moving beyond the traditional methods of learning is an important topic to discuss.

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