Introducing Technology-based Learning Approaches for Students

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Introducing Technology-based Learning Approaches for Students

In this progressive world that we live in, the boundaries in the technological field has been pushed beyond to reach the growing needs of every individual towards development and growth. Thereby with the advancement of technology in almost every aspect in life, it is crucial to understand the importance of technology in the educational sphere as well. For the outcome of introducing technology-based learning (TBI) in schools is seen to be effective leading to a better understanding of topics and concepts in children. Therefore, the learning habits of every student can also endure a change for their own betterment.

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of technology-based learning (TBI) and the various approaches that fall under it.

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What is Technology-based Learning (TBI)?

A laptop and a book: technology-based learning

Technology-based Learning (TBI) is a form of learning in which educators makes effective usage of technology in their class lectures to help students understand concepts and topics better. The domain of education has always been to educate students and teach them all that is necessary to excel in life and become better individuals, in addition to this, technology has become an important basis of imparting education too, the various approaches that include electronic technology like internet, audio, video conferencing, webcasts, chat rooms and many more facilitates communication and collaboration on a wider scale.

This practical use of technology in the educational realm helps solve classroom management problem whereby the teacher employs numerous use of any digital tool or other kinds of resources available on many digital platforms.


Importance of Technology-based Learning (TBI)

A laptop: technology-based learning

Technology in classroom helps both students and teachers alike. The efficiency derived from the usage of technology within the teaching enterprise is absolutely important. The importance of technology-based learning is quite vast for it enables students to expand their learning possibilities and also improve teaching efficiency. The teaching methodologies that falls under the wing of technology helps the teachers find relevant sources to help teach a concept in a more apt way to suit the learning methodology for students.

The very strategic employment of technology in education allows for an optimized collaboration; which is fruitful and creates room for collaborative learning and interaction between the learner and the educator. With this, the usage of certain online platforms like Google Docs and Office 365 fabricates the mindful and effective interaction in the learning process. Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet allow students to ask classroom related questions and obtain further assistance with questions on any subject matter at school.

Improved engagement; as students can easily get distracted in traditional learning classrooms, technology with its digital experience can create an atmospheric learning session with how they can engage their students. Multimedia learning tools, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) museum tours breaks the barrier of conventional learning and creates an “outside learning experience” which can actively grasp the attention of the students and as their curiosity is pique and their desire to learn to understand it more.


Technology-based learning Approaches:

A man looking at a screen with magnifying glass

Now that we have discussed the importance and benefits of Teaching and imparting knowledge with the practical use of technology, let us have a look at some of the classroom technology that can be employed in schools

Education Technology:

Covid-19 has made it essential for distance learning to take place, thereby for educational institutes to get in touch with their students; EdTech has become extremely useful and essential to educational institutes to help connect with students online for classes or as a part of a hybrid learning schedule. EdTech, as a field in technology has helped promote and access education mindfully. In an online learning environment, EdTech is compatible with audio or visual learning platforms as it allows students to have access to online learning modules, digital resources and online textbooks. Online courses provide students with ample opportunities to learn at their own pace that suits their learning style.

EdTech is the backbone of any successful remote or hybrid learning with many popular technological tools for teachers to choose from like Google Classroom and Apex Learning.

Video Conferencing Platforms and Smart Video Camera:

Teachers have resorted to the usage of video conferencing platforms online to replicate the in-class experience. Hybrid learning makes effective use of this method to help students achieve a certain time schedule without having to waste time in travelling around to a class to learn. This face-to-face learning experience can take place from the comforts of one’s home; teachers can offer more remote experiences and in selecting the best platform to conduct their classes and keep their students engage by providing a variety of additional tools such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, meeting recording and keeping the class interactive.

Investing in a smart video camera for your laptop allows for a better learning experience as part of the hybrid learning model. This way, the interactions between students is more natural and accessible. Popular platforms for remote and hybrid classrooms are Zoom, Webex and Skype.

Asynchronous Learning:

In simple terms, asynchronous learning is a form of learning which does not take place in real time. It is a medium of functionality in asynchronous learning that allows for leaning sessions to take place and completed on the student’s own time, own pace supported by asynchronous tools. But it is important to note that in this form of learning, the instructor and the peer are still in aspect, just not in real time.

Hybrid learning model includes the usage of asynchronous communication widely and utilized the asynchronous tools efficiently such as pre-recorded lectures, online forums, discussion boards and other self-guided materials.

Learning Management System (LMS):

Learning Management System (LMS) are software applications that include the administration and delivery of educational and learning materials to students. These software applications are user-friendly inclusive portals that are easy access that includes all kinds of online textbooks, virtual resources and materials, quizzes. Students can make effective use of LMS at their own pace, guided by deadlines set by their teachers. Similarly, the teachers can also track the student’s progress through LMS.

Now, let us have a look at an educational institute which makes effective use of technology and lay great emphasis on the proper development of their students, i.e., Suryadatta National School.

Suryadatta National School

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Located in: Bavdhan, Pune
Affiliation: CBSE
School Level: Senior Secondary
Established in: 2014

Suryadatta National School is an English medium school which aims to be the excellence in education using state-of-the-art technology to bring out the best in their students with an all-round development. The school also aims in holistic development of students through excellent academics and physical environments, including enhancement of their social, emotional and mental which is conducive to learning, developing creativity and exploration. The students are trained towards incorporating a sense of responsibility, loyalty and team spirit. The school also emphasizes on extra-curricular and curricular activities including advanced academics.

In conclusion, technological advancement has brought about the implementation of technology-based learning in the educational sphere allowing for a sound improvement in the minds of children. Covid-19 allowed for technology-based learning to thrive all the more in educational institutes; the effective usage of technology can lead to a fruitful development in almost every field of life and putting it to good use can also lead a nation to a better future.

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