How the Early Years of Education can Dictate your Child's Future

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Mehnaaz Khan
a year ago
Early Education's Impact on the Future


Schools and other educational institutions play a huge role in deciding students' futures. To ensure that their children thrive in the future, parents enroll their kids in the best schools possible. To succeed in what one chooses, years of experience and perseverance are needed which is usually delivered by the schools.


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Here's how schools prepare students for their future from scratch


  • Most of the children's cognitive skills develop during their early school life. Anything, whether short-term or long-term, an individual wishes to do in life requires proper use of cognitive skills which are developed and enhanced by schools. 



  • They are given a choice to opt for subjects, activities, or skills of their choice. Schools provide students different subject options and extracurriculars to dabble in. This way they can find the right path for them through experiencing different opportunities.


  • Various necessary key skills and qualities are instilled in students. Every aspect of life demands certain skills and qualities like a sense of responsibility, the ability to communicate, teamwork, competitive spirit, discipline, etc. These are very finely instilled by the schools in students from a very young age. In other words, schools turn kids into well-educated civilized beings.


Schools also make certain active contributions in terms of facilities and programs during the child’s early years that have a major effect later in life. A few examples of these:


  • Organizing for students counseling sessions with mentors

    Students, especially in our country, already live in turmoil when it comes to academic stress. Most of them are captivated by peer pressure and this makes the need for guidance very necessary for them and such counseling sessions greatly impact the students.



  • Exposure to various skills and extracurricular activities

    Ideal schools introduce the students to various extracurricular activities and skills apart from their academics. Schools have clubs, societies, sports teams, and many such facilities that help the student discover and recognize their field of interest, talent, and skills. Apart from academics, this is what a good school is judged on the basis of.


  • Schools detect and improve the weaknesses and flaws of the students

    Only appreciation and recognition of the student's capabilities won't be enough for a successful future but knowing what they need to work on, what are their drawbacks and faults must also be acknowledged. School examinations, evaluations by teachers and other staff members, counseling sessions, etc. completely assess the students and do the needful.



Silver Line Prestige School has developed an alumni base that has gone on to do many great things. They focus on making their children ready for the challenges of the future. Their alumni base covers every field from doctors to entrepreneurs, designers to accountants, educators to managers, authors to Indian Air Force members, and so on. 


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So, what makes the alumni list of Silver Line Prestige School so diverse yet so successful? 


  • They have 18 different clubs such as a dance club, literary club, robotics club, arts club, etc. for the students to engage in.


  • Their 'World of Sports' facilitates students towards experiencing various sports and athletic skills.


  • Besides regular science labs, they also have English labs and Robotics labs.


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