Silver line Prestige School: Pushing Students Towards a Better Tomorrow

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
a year ago

Silver Line Prestige School: Pushing Students Towards a Better Tomorrow

The 21st century is driven by competition. There is a constant race to move forward and accomplish goals that propel your life towards the better. Thus, it becomes important for schools to encourage students to get through this constant competition and develop themselves into a better version of themselves.

One school that has constantly been thriving in this endeavour is the Silverline Prestige School. It is the dedication of this esteemed institution that has made its students shine bright in the National Design Thinking Championship and the International GK and English Olympiads.

Organized by Mindbox India, the National Design Thinking Championship was an attempt to encourage creative skill development in children. With their win in the Game Design category, the Championship was swept away by the talented students at Silverline Prestige School. The students have successfully etched the school’s name among the top schools in India, while making the entire city proud of the feat.

The five students who won the Game Designing Competition at the National Design Thinking Championship for Silverline Prestige School with their exceptional skills are:

  • Atharva Sharma
  • Prisha Singh Chikara
  • Devishi Jain
  • Divit Khutail
  • Darshika Verma

It is worth mentioning that these kids have emerged with flying colours among the scores of children that participated in the Junior level of the Game Designing Competition. The students from Silverline Prestige School were successful in building an arcade game from scratch, facing numerous challenges, thus securing their win.

Speaking on this, Dr Mala Kapoor, Founder and Director Principal of Silverline Prestige School mentioned that the present era throws out several challenges and a lot of pressure on students. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative that we adopt different techniques in our pedagogy that help develop creative skills in them, as this is the need of the hour. Dr Kapoor further went on to say that children today are growing capable of expressing their creative skills in a graphic manner. 

Adding further to the list of achievements of Silverline Prestige School, are the students who have shown exceptional performances at SOF International GK and Engish Olympiads. Notable among these students is Aarav Chhabra, a student of Grade 4, who has successfully achieved the International Rank 4 at the SOF International English Olympiad.

Here is the list of the other students who have managed to make the school proud with their wins:

  • Manya Bajaj, Grade 5, SOF International English Olympiad
  • Akshita Goel, Grade 5, SOF International English Olympiad
  • Prajat Mohan, Grade 5, SOF International English Olympiad
  • Saanvi Saxena, Grade 5, SOF International GK Olympiad

Silverline Prestige School has also recently emerged as the First School in India to have 100% Google MOOC Certified Educators. With so many exceptional achievements, Silverline Prestige School is surely staying true to the statement that “Learning never stops at Silverline”.

To check out the celebrations at Silverline, you can click on the video below:


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