Are you Choosing the Right Online School in India?

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Sheena Dawar
8 months ago
Choosing the Right Online School in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has made some tremendous changes to our lives and lifestyles. Apart from snatching a lot from us, it has given us a lot as well. online schooling and remote working are two of the main givings of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, nobody had imagined that education and earning can take place within the boundaries of one’s house, but now all that has come true and is positively ruling our lives. During the lockdown, UNESCO stated that nearly 60.2 million school teachers and university lecturers are no longer held in the classroom and E-education (online schooling) is the best and the only option left. In this article, we are going to talk about online schools. Here, we will be discussing the factors that parents need to consider while choosing the right online school in India for their kids. But firstly, let’s understand what exactly the term ‘online school’ means. 


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What is an Online School? 

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Online schools are schools that provide education through the online mode, i.e., schools that teach through online classes. Nowadays, the popularity and demand for online schools in India are increasing day by day to a great extent. This is mainly because of the sudden shift to digitalization because of the pandemic. Although there are some beliefs among people that online schools aren’t right for the students, and education can only take place in a regular, in-person school where the students are expected to visit the school every day, online schools are prospering and being widely accepted as the modern institutions for education. online schools are better than regular, in-person schools in several ways like they aid in saving the huge regular transportation costs, they save the travelling time and give the student enough time to enrol in different online courses or hobby classes. 

It’s not an easy task for parents to choose an online school for their kids. There exist certain factors that must be taken into consideration while choosing an online school in India. So, in this article, we’re going to help you out by laying forth the main factors that parents must consider before picking up an online school for their kids. 


Factors to Consider while Choosing the Right Online School in India

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There are numerous factors that parents must consider while choosing the right online school, in India, for their kids. Following are some of those factors: 

  • Overall School Hours: As in the case of online schools, the classes take place online, so one of the main factors the parents looking for the right online school in India for their kids should take care of is the overall no. of hours for which student is required to attend the classes. This is because it’s difficult for students with eyesight issues, back pain or neck pain issues, or any other health conditions to sit in front of a computer or laptop for hours. Sitting for too long in front of the screen spoils the body posture of the student in some cases. So, it’s better to take care of that in advance and choose an online school whose school duration suits the student. 
  • Teacher-Student Connection: The student-teacher interaction and connection is a major matter of concern when it comes to online schools. In the case of online schools, it becomes quite difficult for several online schools to facilitate a proper connection between the teacher and the student, and so only a handful of students in a class get the teacher’s attention. Consequently, a lot of students feel themselves to be neglected and start losing attention in online classes. They begin avoiding the classes or stop taking the classes and teachings seriously. So, it’s important for parents to take into consideration the teacher-student connection while choosing the right online school for their kids. 
  • Online Interactions: The online meeting and online classroom or group apps, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Discord, etc. have made it quite easier for online schools to manage their operations. However, despite the availability of numerous interaction features, like Chat Box, Hand Raise, etc., and the option to unmute the audio and turn ON the video, online interactions aren’t always as smooth and effective as they should be. There are certain loopholes that make online interactions one of the major challenges that online schools generally face. We advise the parents to do proper research about the online school that whether it focuses on the online interactions or not before finalizing it for their kids. 


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Schooling plays a highly crucial role in a student’s life as an individual’s entire depends upon his/ her educational base. That’s why the parents should always be ready to go the extra mile to find a top school for their kids; be it a regular (in-person) school or an online school, the parents should try to get their child the best education. We hope this article would aid you in finding the right online school in India for your kids. 


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