How to use modern technology effectively

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7 months ago
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Use of modern technology in daily life

Modern technology has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Almost all the things that we use on a daily basis are based on technology. Needless to say, technology has made life a lot easier. It has made chores more manageable and labour more customizable. However, technology has also brought in a lot of technological misuse. 


The misuse of technology in daily life has resulted in a lot of tension and disturbing thoughts about it's prevalence. Many of the older generation have openly debated in favour of banning technology. But banning technology can never be the right solution. Every little thing of our daily use, from a light bulb to our vehicles, are technological innovations. So, are we to sacrifice centuries of development just to ensure that we don't get corrupted by technology? 


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The answer is a big no! Why ban technology when you can effectively use it without any harm? Yes using technology in a safe and effective way is totally possible. You just need to keep in mind certain limitations and precautions while using technology.


Here is a list of precautions and directions that can help you, and your children, to use technology wisely. 


Monitor Internet usage


Internet can be a dangerous place for kids. It is good as long as they make good use of it, but sometimes it can also get a little harsh for them. They might come across hate speech or bullying and other such experiences that they should not otherwise experience at such an age. So set a limit to Internet usage. See that they spend only a limited time online. Make them aware of how Internet might sometimes affect them adversely. Also remember not to use Internet excessively because the kids are very likely to model your behaviour. 


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Be the guiding force


Children learn what they see. If you spend hours scrolling through your phone or playing games, they are very likely to do the same. So set your behaviour with technology right. Don't spend a lot of time on your phone or desktop for no reason. Switch off electrical gadgets when not in use. And most importantly, talk about how these are necessary precautions to be taken. 


Prioritize taking breaks


We all need breaks, be it from school, work or playtime. Similarly, it is important that we take a break from technology as well. So introduce a technological detoxification day in your weekly routine. You can take one or two hours off all kinds of technology once in a week. This time can be used for some fun family activities like playing together with the kids or having a story time. You can also go through old family albums or let everyone have chances at planing fun activities for every such day.


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Make technology a friend


We are always so engrossed in pointing out the negatives of being engaged with technology that we forget about all the help that we can get from it. Explore the appropriate use of technology with your child. Explore apps and functions that can help your child express their hobbies or even indulge in one. Explore activities that can help you bond together through games, stories or other such fun activities. You can also help your child with their studies by making use of the tons of study apps available. 


Highlight non-technological activities


Kids, nowadays, just sit hooked onto their phone and desktop screens instead of actually going out to play. Many of them are still unaware of all the fun games that played offline. For them, fun is equal to technology. Show them how fun non-technological activities can be. Play games, compete in races and encourage all kinds of outdoor activities. Once they realise how fun these activities are, they will be more active in offline games.

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