How to indulge kids in physical activities during a lockdown?

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Rishika Singh
2 years ago
Indulge kids in physical activities

Physical activity plays a vital role in a kid’s development for building strength, coordination, and confidence that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommended that kids should get at least 1 hour or more of moderate to strong physical activity daily. It will help children to lead an active and fresh start. Children are found much less active on their non-school days or holiday. So, it is necessary to make this lockdown productive for your kids.


Reasons to motivate our children for a physical workout

  1. Physical activity helps in developing an active and healthy body.
  2. Through play children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.
  3. It improves the child’s ability to think, imagine, plan, and organize.
  4. It provides physical and emotional strength to the child.

How to make physical activity a part of their daily routine:

Set a routine

Set a routine for kids

Choose an exercise session that you need, something you want to do, that you're going to have fun with.  Try to set up a time slot for your kids to exercise. It doesn’t really matter if fixing time doesn’t work because the routine method does not always fit for every family. You can encourage your child to do it anytime when they are free.


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Be active together

Be active with kids

If you want your kids to value physical activity or workouts, firstly you have to put in some effort. Instead of pressurizing them for doing exercise and all, be a role model, do it yourself regularly.
Try to opt for the habit of doing exercise, yoga, jogging, or any activity you want your kids to follow. 
Play with your kids and let them win some time to encourage them


Make it fun and engaging

Make physical activities fun for kids

Asking them to do an hour-long activity probably won't work. Make it shorter, about 30 minutes. Dancing, making fun videos can be one of the fun ways to exercise, it won’t let them realize that they are exercising.


Home as a local gym

Home as local gym for kids

Many cheap pieces of equipment are available which can be used for your kids to make exercising fun and interactive sessions like skipping ropes, hula hoops, skates, exercise ball, and many more.


Allow enough time for free play

Bike rides and free play for kids

Playing, riding bikes around the neighbourhood, and building snowmen are also fun and healthy. Limit time spent on screen, instead of watching television, youtube try doing some drawing, painting, reading, or any other productive thing. 

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