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Mehnaaz Khan
7 months ago
Hindi Medium with Ms. Shalu Sharma

A mother and an educator, Ms. Shalu Sharma, joins us today to state the importance of the movie Hindi Medium and why everyone must watch and prioritize it today. Her Instagram handle - @thedreamermom.

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What did you like about the movie and what was your favorite part that caught your eye?

In this movie, what I loved the most was when after making the speech on the stage, Irfan and his wife decide that their kid will go to a municipal school instead of going to a bigger school because of the cycle going on that no rich kids go to municipal school and therefore the education there is not great which is the reality. 

I have been associated with Teach for India for two years and have worked in low-income schools and communities and have seen the reality. Those schools and teachers are amazing. It's just the lack of resources that these schools are not ahead of other benchmarked schools. So, in the movie, they gave a message that someone has to take a step and make the change. I think that message stayed with me.


How important is it for the audience who have not yet watched the movie to watch it?

It is very important for everyone above 12 years old who understands schooling to watch it to understand why it is successful and why it is not. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped. Our understanding of our education system is limited and that is why we think that Municipal, Low income and NGO schools are not good.

When I was with Teach for India, I had artists, dancers, singers, and players in my class. I think everyone should watch it for the message of reality it has. It is not a documentary but is one of the most realistic movies because it shows the reality of urban Indian and rural Indian education.


Why do things that are shown in the movie happen more in India than in any other country?

There are many other countries where their local language is their first language. We don't judge them for speaking their local language but in India, if someone doesn't speak English, we think they are not worthy of the opportunities in education. I am from a small town and went to state board school and college.

But I made it because I was determined to do something with the resources provided. It is again the resources that matter. In some Indian places like Mumbai and Delhi, the government schools are at par with other benchmark schools because they are provided with the resources. 

So this happens a lot in India but the problem is worldwide. In other countries, they are just not judged and are given equal opportunities to grow but here we cut out people who are not educated, speak or dress up according to our standards.


What is the powerful message out of this which everyone watching the movie should understand?

As a parent, I would like to tell other parents that if you are determined and your child is talented and determined in any field then nothing can stop you - No financial status, infrastructure, and people's judgment.

As an educator, I would like to tell everyone that break the vicious cycle and bring change because if we keep waiting for someone else to do so, change will never happen.


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