Financial Strain of Covid on the Education Sector

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Tanmay Tandon
10 months ago
Financial Strain of Covid on Education


If you have been reading the news for a while now, you will be aware of how most states are still not open to the idea of reopening schools for physical classes and are relying on online classes completely for educating their students.

schools closed


How are the parents affected?

 school fees payment

The catch is that the fees being charged by the schools is still on the same lines as it was while schools were open for physical classes. In order to cut their losses due to the recession during the pandemic, some private schools have even chosen to increase the fees and drop children who have failed to pay the fees on time.


This decision has affected both the parents as well as the children since it puts more pressure on the parents to clear their bills and work harder in times of recession when the jobs too are scarce and not paying much.

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Covid budget


The effect on children

 financial difficulty

As for the children, they cannot earn money and are relying on their parents entirely for their school fees, failure of which would take away the one right everyone has to an education.


While the government is still trying to enforce fees relief for parents in various states, private schools remain mostly unaffected and are still charging a lot of money from the students. To top it all, even children in online learning are suffering as there are a lot of them out there who do not have any access to internet and thus are not able to attend classes.

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school fees

Despite efforts being made by certain NGO’s, these children are struggling to get their very basic rights of education. The situation is worsening as the onset of the third wave of the pandemic is inching closer than ever. It is believed that children might be targeted the most and thus need to be vaccinated and taken care of.

 kid's vaccination 3rd wave


The effect on teachers

As for teachers, even though the schools are charging such hefty fees, the teachers are underpaid and the ones hired on a temporary basis are being terminated from their jobs. They are unable to keep a proper check on the children since online classes have imposed certain restrictions on them. The school management and employees are hit too. Security guards and cleaning staff have been let go or are not being paid since schools are not open at the moment.

 salary payment

In such trying times, what is it that a family can do to ensure that their children are safe and getting some sort of education and discipline; have a decent schedule/timetable, and can pay their fees regularly?


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Do not let this pandemic deter you from your studies, every student has the right to an education.


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