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Co curricular activities for young kids

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So you can give a small introduction about yourself.

So I have got a chance to go through the Instagram page of Ezyschooling and I really feel that you are doing a great job by helping out parents. Coming to myself I am Spandana I have been working as a digital marketing executor for the past 5 years now and I am a mom of 11 months baby girl and her name is Amayra Samuel.

So the topic for today is curricular activities for young kids so starting with the first question -

Tell some co-curricular activities that kids can learn for the skill of life.

Co-curricular activities are basically apart from the school curriculum those are the activities that help in development. So the name of some curricular activities start from like sports is a great curricular activity where you know they learn teamwork they do exercise and they build confidence in them. We have a huge variety of sports and from it, they can build their strength and a lot of sports including teamwork, leadership skills so that way sports are great co-curricular activities. I would say music and dance they are really good which helps in mental balance mental health of children and they also learn cultural values form that because we know that there are a lot of dance forms and there is painting and crafting and sketching and you know they get to know how to improve their creative skills. There is karate they learn a lot of self-defence, self-confidence, and how to control their strength and control their energy and those are great skills to learn.

Drama and there are other chess clubs and book clubs and it is as simple as learning a new language or cooking or anything else so the list is endless. Even some study suggests that learning a musical instrument can help a child focus in a better way in a positive direction.


Why should a child be involved in co-curricular activities? 

As we discussed cultural values and all those would be the reasons it actually boosts the self-confidence of a child. For example in a school there are hosting an event and he's involved in that and he just holds the paper and reads it, it might be some intro speech or anything but it is as simple as just holding the paper and reading it so even in that he learns how to stand in front of the audience how to address a bunch of people. They actually learn how to interact with the public and all so it's a simple thing but he learns a lot of things from that. It basically gives out a new talent so we never know who can become a Sachin Tendulkar or a Virat Kohli. So giving them the opportunity to learn new things also pull up new talents in them and they also learn how you manage things may be time management, accepting mistakes and all so these skills basically help you not only for the time being but throughout your life so these are few reasons for a child to be involved in co-curricular activities.


Do you agree that getting involved in such co-curricular activities can be a challenge?

So this is a different question and there are some of the kids who don't want to stick only to academics definitely they do have some of the other interests. There can be a challenge where parents don't understand maybe the parent wants their kid to learn something else and parents are least interested in these so these can be a challenge about what parents say or reacts to it. So we should sit with the kid to know what is his interest and then we can include both of them so after that, you will be able to know in what area your kid is doing better so I think these challenges can be overcome. 


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During a pandemic, all the co-curricular activities are being avoided as we all know. Can you suggest some indoors which are good for the development of the child?

The pandemic is very hard on kids I should definitely say that because they keep asking all day when is this going to end and they can go down to play but then we have a lot of activities which we can do indoors games like chess which is really great for developing mental skills and there are good puzzles to solve and for elder kids, there is sudoku and crafts is like amazing indoor activity.

For example, if we say there is a birthday of any family member they just start making some cards and use their creative minds. They can even use youtube correctly they learn classes from that. we can also do the cooking, baking, gardening, and all stuff. in a pandemic, kids are always around mom for snacks and eating now and then so we should involve them in preparing snacks for themselves. You can teach them homemaking like organizing home and making everything in place, clean and safe it is also a good activity and it also helps moms so there are many other activities which you can do at home.


Co information activities will facilitate students to concentrate a lot at school and teach them valuable life lessons is that this true?

Yes, it's true I suppose as a result of education isn't solely certain to the four walls of a room it's complemented with different life skills. it helps in building the child's character, a temperament in his future, and mental skills and physical skills therefore of these all conjointly necessary. Therefore, education is complemented with these styles of skills and not solely educational skills. As we tend to mentioned earlier they could appear to be a straightforward co-curricular activity however successively, they're learning a lot of life skills there therefore affirmative positively affirmative it helps kids to concentrate a lot. 


How does one suppose a parent ought to devour associate activity for a child?

Yeah, therefore the initial and foremost factor is that a parent ought to observe their kids what are they doing all day. For instance, my very own girl shes simply eleven months recent however once some tiny music contends she is most curious about that she begins to react she start saltation even she dances on a sound of mixer grinder in my room I'm telling this as a result of you as a parent should be a lot of acutely aware. Simply observe your youngsters and you may get to grasp them as youngsters they could do not know that they're interested however as a parent, you must offer attention to the current. Do not build it laborious for a child or perhaps for a toddler bcoz throughout this pandemic folks also are performing from home 24/7 and it's extremely laborious for them. 

You should sit and visit them raise them some queries raise them regarding their friends what are they doing and perceive them and so you'll be able to decide. You'll be able to even go for trial categories currently a day's everything has trial categories, therefore, initially take part trial categories then you'll be able to inscribe therein category. You've got to support your kid as a result of they cant simply get everything in initial therefore you've got to air their aspect attempt to connect with them all told ways that and do not stress them regarding these items.


Put a lightweight on the importance of co-curricular activities.

School activities play a big half in the development of scholars. Co-curricular activities became a basic part of college life and aides in rising students learning in class. These activities are obligatory & necessary for each student to participate. Co-curricular are structured and balanced with the scholastic educational program in order that each student gets the chance to find out on the far side studies.

Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social & intellectual skills, moral, cultural & moral values, temperament development, and character advancement to students. It includes athletics, social occasions, Library activities, work activities, room activities, inventive arts, meditation, and so on.


What recommendation you must offer folks to look at these videos.

We have mentioned a great deal a few co-curricular activities that are actually associated with life skills and is basically necessary for a child. Therefore, I might request folks to look at this video can assist you to be an honest parent and can assist you to decide on an accurate activity and develop you, child, in a very higher approach.

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