Birthday In Quarantine A Far Fetched Dream? Not Anymore!

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Birthday During qurantine

Don't let the pandemic and the restrictions it has led to throwing a damper on your celebrations. Situations like these have the ability to bring out the inner creative mastermind in you.

Instead of delaying and postponing the party indefinitely, use the opportunity to throw a one-of-a-kind party the likes of which you'll tell everyone for years to come. A party will also help instill a sense of normalcy back into the lives of you and your kids. Here is a guide of how you can make your child's special day even more special:


1. Planning the perfect itinerary.

The perfect birthday isn't about just giving them a lavish party but it is about providing them with an entire day of comfort and indulgence. Start by cooking them their favorite meals and bringing it to them in bed or in front of the TV as a surprise. Plan a movie viewing of their choice. And then finish the day off with the surprise party.


2. Try to maintain the surprise element.

It might be hard to plan the party and arrange for food and decorations while hiding it from the birthday person, given that there hardly is any privacy during these times. But it might be easier to surprise them than you think. The birthday person might be expecting to not have a party given the circumstances. Either start with the decorations while they are asleep or let someone take them for a safe drive while you finish decorating the house. Plan the party in advance so you can order all the supplies online or through other means while following all the safety protocols.


3. Limitations while giving gifts.

It might be harder than usual to find gifts depending on where you are quarantined. You might be forced to get creative with gift ideas and make do with what's available at hand. Some of the most simple gestures can be the best gifts. Such as giving them a coupon for having complete control over the TV for the weekend; or a coupon for skipping a chore; or choose a snack of their preference. You could also donate to a cause of their choice in their name to help the less fortunate.


4. Do an indoor scavenger hunt.

Hide their gift(s) in different locations throughout the house and scatter clues leading to the presents. Let your imagination run amok with this activity. You can use riddles, puzzles or challenges as hurdles to get to the prize. This will help them feel a sense of satisfaction and achieve overwhelming joy as they find their presents.


5. Creating a video montage.

Scrounge the depths of your phone and other devices for photos and videos of the birthday person to create a video montage. Also ask friends and family for footage. Ask them to record themselves sharing fond memories of your child. You can choose from a plethora of easy to use video editing apps to make the montage. Play the video during the Zoom party by using the screen share option for all the guests to view.


6. Having a Zoom party.

One of the few ways to stay in touch with our loved ones is through video calling. On special occasions such as birthdays, children long to get in touch with others even more. Invite everyone for the Zoom party and ask them to dress up as well. Blast your party playlist on the side while dancing and celebrating. You can also play many virtual games with them. Such as having a quiz on the birthday person or asking the guests to find a list of household items in a specified time. Or games such as guess the song, quote, movie or lyric.


The occasion and circumstances call for a more intimate celebration with your loved ones without the flare and distractions of the parties of yesteryears. The opportunity will bring about heartfelt connections, deep conversations and ringing laughter to remember the day by.

Stay Tuned, Stay Relevant!


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