6 Ways To Babyproof Your House

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Araba Kongbam
3 years ago
Babyproof house

Welcoming a new member of the house is always a joyous occasion, more so when it’s a baby. For the next several months, the baby shall be the center of attraction in the house, with fellow family members taking turns to spend time with him/her – procuring their own pleasure from the baby’s antics, as well as ensuring the baby comes to no harm. But in spite of the best of our efforts, the baby can’t be supervised every minute of the day. The naturally curious and inquisitive nature of the baby means that he/she ends up fiddling around with stuff in the wrong manner. And sometimes this can lead to unfortunate and grievous consequences. Hence to make life easier for you and your baby, here are some ways to babyproof your house.

  1. Numerous furniture items like sofas, chairs, tables and cupboards have sharp edges on their corners. Tape these up with plastic or a piece of cloth to nullify the danger of your baby banging his/her head or any other body part against them.
  2. Get rid of wires – from electric plug-in connectors to curtain cords – as the baby might end up in a choking accident via these. If they are essential for daily use, just make sure that they don’t lie around the floor.
  3. Place barriers around places that you won’t want your baby to enter, for example, the kitchen. If you have stairs in your house, block that too. To not make it a disturbance for you, keep it low enough to allow you to walk over it but high enough to stop your baby from crawling or climbing over.
  4. Open electric outlets are a big hazard for babies. Innocent fiddling might soon make way to an electric shock. Cover these outlets with safety plugs, or block them from view with a cupboard or sofa.
  5. Making your baby sleep inside a crib is the safest option. But in case you don’t have one and have to make him/her sleep on a bed, ensure that you cover all the open sides of the bed with barriers, or place chairs all around. 
  6. Practice minimalism around the house. Only keep essential products in the open, and keep the rest safely locked up inside. The less the number of objects lying around, the less the chance of your baby fiddling with them.

These suggestions might soon childish, or even overprotective. But implementing them won’t take more than a few minutes. Better to go along with a few minutes of discomfort than to regret an unfortunate accident for the rest of your life.

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