Why you should teach your kids martial arts!

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 years ago

Martial arts are simply defined as a form of fighting, and art, which has a set way of practice. There are different categories of martial arts and are specifically used for purposes of self-defence, combat and fitness. Common categories of martial arts that you might have come across at some point or other are Karate and Wushu.

Martial arts, nowadays, are promoted on a much higher level. Many schools and colleges even offer martial arts classes for free, especially for female students. And that’s actually a very impressive step that has been taken by many NGOs to provide a sense of security to these students by making them ready for self-defence.

But the question remains, why is teaching martial arts to the children so important? What are the benefits of martial arts for kids? Turns out, we already have the answers to these questions, all from observing what all is happening around us.

To begin with, the world outside is dangerous. And no matter how hard we try to protect our kids, there might always be a situation where we might not be there at their immediate disposal. And even if they are completely safe, we, as parents, are constantly worried about their safety. But once the children become capable of defending themselves through martial arts, we can finally heave a sigh of relief. Children, too, feel confident to set foot in the outside world once they know that they are prepared to face anything that might be awaiting them. That’s why we need to teach children martial arts.

Here are some benefits of teaching children martial arts, listed down, to help you make the right decision for your kid.

Build Physical Health

Teaching children martial arts can make them physically active and fit. Martial arts for kids include just the right amount of exercise suited for them that helps the children to stay physically healthy and avert problems like childhood obesity.


Imbibe Disciplinary Lifestyle

Martial art is a form of combat that does not just focus on moves and fitness. It also encourages a disciplinary lifestyle in its learners. This is much more beneficial for the child learners as changes made during such a stage of life are likely to stick on for the future.


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Learn Respect

Learning to respect one another is one of the basic learning of martial arts. Respecting the instructor is given the utmost importance in martial arts. In fact, most of the martial art matches begin with the opponents bowing to each other before the fight.


Develop Listening Skills

Children need to listen closely and pay attention to the instructor to learn new moves. They realize the importance of listening because otherwise, they won’t be able to progress in the martial art that they are learning. This helps to make the children familiar with the teaching-learning process as well.


Prioritize Setting Goals

Martial arts include regular competitions that allow the children to progress step by step into a learned individual. This helps them to plan out their development pattern and set goals in the form of these competitions. Achieving these goals helps to build self-confidence and also boost their self-esteem.

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So, we will all quite willingly agree that there are surely some notable benefits of martial arts for kids. And, if you are worried about how you can get your child to practice martial arts, make sure that they are interested in doing so. Also, make sure that they are physically and mentally ready to practice a form of combat. Otherwise, there’s no right age jotted down for kids to practice martial arts. But it can definitely help the younger ones if martial art games are introduced to them as basic learning, or even to make them interested in the art. In such cases, it is preferable to start their practice of martial arts at home. Once the kid is completely ready, they can be enrolled in a martial art school for a proper and complete learning experience.

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