Online Extracurricular Activities may help Kids Sharpen Life Skills

Pratham Suwal
14 days ago
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Online Extracurricular Activities may help Kids Sharpen Life Skills

Source: The Indian Express

The concept of online education was limited only to a super niche audience until the global pandemic hit and everyone was forced to switch to the online mode. With educational institutions shutting down and dispensing learning through digital media, children were subjected to online teaching with limited social interaction. This led to increased stress, emotional imbalance, and stagnation in the overall lifestyle of a child. 


To relive the playful pursuits of their children, parents have now started engaging them in online extracurricular activities. Such activities not only reduce a child’s mental stress but also give them an opportunity to explore their varied interests and express themselves. Online extracurricular activities also provide a platform to interact with other children in an informal setting. 


In the process, children also get a chance to enhance their key 21st century life skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and communication; which prepares them to tackle the uncertainties of personal, academic, and professional lives like a champ.


Till the time the virus continues to haunt us, online ECAs are the best way for children to explore their multidimensional selves, learn new skills, and develop their personalities from the comfort of their homes.

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