Children learn Skills from festivals

Pratham Suwal
12 days ago
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Children learn Skills from festivals

Source: The Indian Express

The vibrance of India stems from the sundry cultures, languages, religions, art forms, music, folk art, food cuisines and customs. And this diversity also makes India a land of festivals, one every few days if one were to go deep into the calendar fine print. The diversity of communities ensures that different festivals carry their unique charms, rituals, flavours and fervour.


Children in the 0-5 year age group especially have so much to enjoy and learn through festivals that more than celebratory occasions, these moments can become opportunities to enhance the horizons of their knowledge. When children learn about the anecdotes and inspirations behind festivals, they indirectly boost their visualization skills, not to mention learning how to be patient listeners and think while they hear out. 


Festivals also come with their terminologies, special references and glossary. Kids get to read rich content on special occasions and while doing that they learn how to communicate, how to extend the greetings themselves. Most obviously, through festivals, children learn social skills as family members, relatives and friends get together to mark the occasion in unison


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