How to engage preschoolers in learning activities at home?

Mayank Jain
2 months ago
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Source: India Today

Preschoolers as we know, are the most curious beings on earth. They want to explore, discover and learn everything. Preschools teach them basic things through play. But, now as they can't go to schools and online classes can't take the place of physical experiences, therefore, all the responsibilities of preschoolers’ sound learning come upon parents. Hence, here are some tips to engage your preschoolers with some playful learning activities.

  • Mathematics is all around and we can easily introduce maths through the resources available at our home. For example, timing through clocks and watches; measurement concepts through various measurement tools; further, counting the objects such as their toys, beads, maybe beans or some small balls can help them in playing as well as learning with mathematics.
  • Rocks, sticks and water can be used to make various resources for learning. Such as artwork. It will help in enhancing their creativity while they are at home.
  • If your child has access to board games and technological games at home then, they can also be used for learning.
  • You can also give them homemade play-dough. It will develop their motor skills while playing.

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Fortunately, in today's time, we have a plethora of digital resources available for kids and we can definitely utilise them.

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