Here are a few ways by which you can stop your child from being bullied

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Source: Times of India

It hurts a lot to know that your child is getting bullied in school. Bullying can harm your child physically as well as mentally, which can leave a deep scar on their mental health. This is why you must keep looking for the signs to check if your kid is getting bullied.

Ways to help your children:

 Have conversations- Your child needs to open up to you so that you can know what exactly they are going through.
● Ask them to report to the authorities- Many kids refrain from telling their issue faced by them to their teachers. Ask your child to contact their favourite teacher, counsellor or other school staff to take appropriate action against the bully.
● Confront the bully- Teach your child to be confident and speak against the bully in a firm voice.
● Teach them how not to respond- Bullies are looking for a response. If your kid starts ignoring the bullies, they will move on by themselves.
 Ask them to stick with their friends- Staying with friends helps them to dodge the bullies away.

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