How parents can build a child's Self Esteem

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Self-esteem, that starts developing from the infancy, gradually grows with time. It can start when the child starts feeling loved, cared, accepted and secure. Self-esteem grows with achievements and makes kids feel confident and capable.

Whereas this can come easily to some kids, others might struggle and have low self-esteem. But, as mentioned, self-esteem can always be raised and parents play a very crucial role in this.

  • Encourage your kid to learn, this can certainly help in growing the self-esteem. Just don't set your expectations too high from them. If you want them to do something new, first show them how to do it. If needed then explain it again. There isn't anything bad in it. Further, never forget to praise your kid but don't overpraise too.
  • Don't praise for fake things. But, praise them for their efforts, their progress and their positive attitude even if they couldn't achieve the expected goal.
  • Never use harsh criticism for your kids. It never motivates them but it makes them feel low about themselves.
  • Focus on the strengths of your kid and give them feedbacks honestly.

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