6 internet safety rules you must tell your kids

Shramana Biswas
19 days ago
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Cyber Security Tips

Source: Times Of India

Internet frauds and malicious incidents can happen to anyone, even adults. However, keeping your precious kids safe on the web is additionally vital, considering that kids even as young as a 2-year-old can currently operate and use phones. Teenagers are in exceptional danger due to their age and increased internet usage.


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Here are some absolute safety rules you ought to create and make teen children abide by:-


  • Have a selected browsing time for them. Regulating screen time for your children is one simple way to observe and regulate the proportion of time they spend digitally and to keep them safe. Many apps and platforms currently have a special feature as a 'child filter' or timer to encourage safer browsing habits and hours.


  • Do a privacy examination on their social media with them. You can't stop a teen from building their profile on a social media web site. However, you can monitor their activities on social media and help them build safe profiles.


  • Forbid them from posting personal or sensitive data online on social media. Several common social media websites, as well as fashionable video sharing apps, are vulnerable to hacking. Therefore you should make sure your kids do not overshare and compromise their safety.


  • Never share private passwords. When kids are young, they will feel tempted to share content or passwords with their friends and peers. Forbid them to try and do this.


  • Password protect your LAN. Whether home or publicly, continuously create a habit to use trusted net services that need passcodes to log into. Avoid using free and public wifi connections.


  • Ask them to surf responsibly. While you should guard your kid from the risks of cyberbullying, you also ought to even be encouraging your kid to not participate in bullying or indulging in any act of cybercrime themselves.
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