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~Nimisha Paul
22 days ago
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Source: Indian Express

One of the biggest dilemmas for most of the parents these days is how to limit the screen time of their kids or how to make it healthier or educational rather than mere video games or Youtube videos. With the outbreak of the current pandemic, the screen time of children has sharply increased due to the commencement of online classes. Parents who usually did not let their child have screen time, now have to do so.

But there are ways in which screen time can be made educational and informative for a child. We have listed a few sites which would help you out on this. Let’s have a look.

Kidswebindia: This site has an exclusive ‘Little Writer’s’ section, where kids can send their articles, stories, poems, or anything else that they have written. This can be a good start for a future writer. Besides, there are games, riddles, and puzzles which can keep your kid engaged for hours.

India education: This is another platform on which your child can get some help on some subjects from classes 10 and 12. They will also be guided on this site on how best to plan their higher education, which courses to take, and how to go about it all.

Pitara: Pitara means a bundle, and this site is a bundle of many different fun activities for your kids. Here, children will find age-appropriate games and activities, science news, books reviews, arts and crafts, and everything that is required to keep them productively engaged for hours.

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Ducksters: This is an education site which has subjects like history, science, geography, biology, and other such educational games. Your kids will do both learning and playing using puzzles, word games, math games, etc.

Funbrain: The site lets the child grasp concepts of grammar with gorillas, word-making with turtles, numbers with a bumblebee, and others. You can browse by grade, and pick one which is appropriate for your child based on their age and interest.

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