How to grow height?

I and my husband are of average height. We really want our daughter to grow taller so that she doesn't feel any complex. What exercises or diet can help in that?

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3 years ago
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Mayank Jain
3 years ago
As the height of the kid more and less depends on the genes crucially hence, genes play a significant role in determining the kid's height. Yet, fortunately, various external factors such as nutritious and balanced diet along with regular exercises can help in growing the height. You can give your daughter nutritional food and encourage her to do regular exercises. There are some yoga asanas such as Tadasana, Vriksh Asana, Trikonasana that are actually effective in increasing the height. Further, a well-known exercise of hanging from the pull-up bar is also beneficial. You can read more about pull-up bars exercise -- Just ensure that you are not overburdening or forcing her in the process.

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